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Brands that trust us
Case studies
Air Max Day
NIKEiD released a new feature for Air Max Day – finally customizable Air Max were available.
Nike wanted to boost attention so they grabbed 10 local fashion influencers on Instagram to design their own AirMax and create buzz on the launch week.
Platform Total Reach Post Engagement
234k 14 9.1K
Sió Citrus
Shake it!
It was the message our Influencers conveyed in a fun and entertaining way to their young audience, playing around with the new pulpy summer drink.
Platform Total Reach Post Engagement
191k 11 7.1K
I'm Uber
Some Governments have been trying to ban the ridesharing giant. The best way to fight this is through Influential users and the community. In this case Uber turned 60 supportive influencers to their voice with a simple message: I’m Uber! In order to keep Uber operating in Budapest which raised huge awareness for their multichannel campaign.
Platform Total Reach Post Engagement
610k 55 25K
Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee
How to promote new flavors and seasonal products?
Costa Coffee knows, by using locally relevant lifestyle Influencers on a monthly basis. Yeah, that easy!
Platform Total Reach Post Engagement
45k 5 1.1K
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones is surely popular all over the world, creating buzz for a fun filter-application to engage the younger target group gave the show some extra awareness in Hungary. HBO knows it all!
Platform Total Reach Post Engagement
255k 12 13.1K