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Web 3.0 Division

Spearheading the Creator Economy into the Metaverse.

We transform disruptive, creative ideas into digital experiences, events, services or goods by spearheading the Creator Economy into the next chapter of the Internet. We direct the attention of the masses to the most popular virtual spaces, we are uniquely focused on big scale influencer and brand collaborations, time to extend these partnership into this dimension.

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The Process

Here's how we will turn your ideas or already existing project in the Metaverse.


Our Web 3.0 team dives into your current digital road map to frame your brand's Web 3.0 vision and goals. Our initiatives will be fully in line with your digital strategies and campaigns to serve as a strong pillar into the future.


We are here to help with your one off campaigns as well. The project is developed by our Web 3.0 division in line with your ongoing campaign's main attributes, vision, and brief. This step also includes the development of the communication strategy that comes with the project.


Just sit back and enjoy the ride! In line with the proposed strategy or the outline of your one off project our designers will come back with the brand fit 3D design and architecture layout along with building out the Metaverse specific tools to launch our custom initiatives.


We integrate the designed architecture of the 3D model into the chosen Metaverse with other available custom features like video screening, live streaming, hyperlink and website integration or scripting advanced scenes all depending on your needs.

Influencer clubhouse

The first major Creator Economy integration.

The first major influencer integration in an open-source Metaverse space lining up: Crystal Hefner, Pia Mia and Dale Moss.

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Central European Fashion Week

A whole new experience in the fashion industry.

A worldwide unique digital transformation introduced for the Central European Fashion Week: this project took the official Fashion Week brand to THE MOST POPULAR VIRTUAL SPACE OF TODAY.

All shows were live streamed in Decentraland in the uniquely designed Fashion Week building along with multiple online store integration.

Taking Culture into the Metaverse along with Influencers


The first ever Rabbi backed Synagogue in the Metaverse, a multidimensional-value content, using new, innovative digital language to bring elements from millennia-old culture into this digital revolution accessible by anyone.

The Rabbis behind the project, Chief Rabbi Peter Deutsch and Rabbi Daniel Channen, two leaders of the Modern Orthodox community.

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