Subscription Plans

The only tool you’ll need to manage your talents and influencers. Easier to use and more efficient than ever before. We offer a variety of different subscription plans so you can choose what suits you best with Post For Rent.

Subscription Plan

We offer a variety of different subscription plans so you can choose what suits you best with Post For Rent.


For individual agents with a great network of influencers, celebrities or creators. You only need to pay a monthly fee per influencer if they have generated income. We all win together.
  • Manage unlimited talents
  • Pay only when you generate income
$20 / active talent / month
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For talent managers with bigger portfolio who prefer to manage their influencers for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Up to 20 talents
  • Fixed monthly fee
$59 / month
7-day trial


For global organisations with large teams. A tailor-made solution for your business with flexible payment.
  • More than 20 talents
  • Fixed monthly fee to be arranged on a case by case basis
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Fear not, we have the answers to all of your biggest questions about Post for Rent.

You can choose any of the main global currencies that Currency Cloud covers. You'll receive your invoices in the selected currency, but please note that you won't be able to switch after your profile is completed.
Your monthly service fee amount will be charged to your credit card every month.
Best case: 3 business days. Worst case: 30 days. It depends what payout method you choose. "Fast Payment" will mean you receive your payment in 3 business days for an extra 6% cost above your 3% service fee. ”Slow Payment” will mean you receive your payment in 30 days instead. The payout will be triggered from the date when the advertiser approved your delivered content and closed your booking.
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Happy Talent Managers

We’re constantly building features from advertiser feedback and want the brand experience to be second to none. See what brands think about Post for Rent.

Ed Brew
Head of Partnerships, Hello Group

Having experienced a lot of the influencer marketing platforms available, very few actually cater to talent managers. Post for Rent is the exception - it allows us to easily switch between the talent we manage. The seamless experience allows us to monetise our talent safely and efficiently, whilst the fast payments with automatic commissions means there’s no headache when getting our talent our ourselves paid after successful campaigns.