Pricing & Subscription Plans

Post for Rent’s intuitive pricing options will equip all players in influencer marketing with choices you never knew you had, and give you full control, so your prices reflect your vision.

Need an experienced agency to handling the
whole thing?

Want an experienced agency handling the whole thing?

Managed Campaigns

Save yourself from any headache and let one of our campaign experts handle campaign management for you from influencer identification and fee negotiation, through content creation, reporting and payment.

Just set your budget, and we'll take care of the rest!



Fear not, we have the answers to all of your biggest questions about Post for Rent.

The subscription fee for STANDARD users will be charged to your credit card or prepaid credit every month on the date your trial ended or the subscription plan started. PRO and ENTERPRISE users will get an invoice 8 days in advance of the bank transfer payment deadline.
You can cancel or downgrade your ongoing subscription plan at any time. Your subscription fee will change according to your new plan for the next month.
Once your free trial expires, your account will switch to Standard Subscription plan, and your credit card will be charged with $59 monthly.
To reduce service fee we suggest switching to PRO or ENTERPRISE. In these subscription plans you can get a much lower service fee based on your spending.
You can choose any of the main global currencies that Currency Cloud covers. You'll receive your invoices in the selected currency, but please note that you won't be able to switch after your profile is completed.
Yes, you can! You can upload several products to your profile and use them as payment when you start a campaign. You still need to register your credit card as you'll get charged 20 USD per transaction as a service fee for product payments given that the usual 10% service fee wouldn't be applicable.
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