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For centuries, people have been trying and testing new ways of staying organized, staying connected within the organization, ensuring smooth workflows and being able to track progress. It always seems like a never-ending quest in search of the perfect tool. But what Post For Rent has developed within its NEXT tool is a real game-changer for agencies and companies running marketing campaigns, particularly influencer campaigns. NEXT brings a new era of organizing work, so read further to find out how the tool can make life easier for your entire team.


If any of the following situations sound familiar, then you’re in the right place. Your team keeps complaining about the workload, the number of campaigns and the lack of time, asking for more headcounts? Your finance manager knocks on the door in constant search for payment information, invoices, contracts, and information on all things necessary before they run payments? Campaign managers are struggling to keep track of all the content pieces, contracts, obligations, and payments with more and more influencers at hand? In a nutshell, administrative work is growing and you’re struggling to keep track?


With Covid disrupting the way we work, how we communicate and how we manage performance and team engagement, the administrative work has turned into more of a nightmare than it used to be. Overseeing tasks, responsibilities and performance and ensuring business runs smoothly even when people are not in the same room has remained one of the challenges of companies across the globe. There are so many ways NEXT helps companies run a better business, regain control of their team, paperwork, clients and much more. So let’s deep dive into all the benefits NEXT brings, and what that means for your agency.

Campaign management tool with G-suite integration

First of all, NEXT is a one-of-a-kind campaign and content management tool that provides your team with seamless communication, allowing processes to run from A to Z without missing any steps. Your team can easily run multiple campaigns for multiple clients, all under one account.  You can also choose to receive customized reports per campaign, or merge all reports into a periodical summary.  The

unique features of our management tool are combined with the convenience of G-Suite, ensuring your contracts, invoices, and all other documents appear in your G-suite.


Contract automation with DocuSign integration

Another award-worthy feature of NEXT is that it's basically an all-in-one contract automation tool. DocuSign integration allows you to easily sign contracts, keep them in one place and have an overview of all the signed contracts and those waiting to be signed. NEXT also comes with ready-to-use, easily customizable contracts, automated company signatures and much more, helping you save time while making sure all players are legally protected.


Document overview

How much time do you spend searching for documents? Wasting time to find things, while it can all be at your fingertips. All documents in NEXT are easily searchable, allowing you to find what you’re looking for within seconds.


Incentive system

Looking for ways to track your team’s performance without expecting extensive reports from each team member? NEXT helps you keep track of all the team members’ ongoing campaigns, the number of influencers they’ve worked with, as well as the number of successful campaigns they’ve delivered and the revenue these campaigns generated. It helps you keep track of your team’s time and focus and measure their performance month by month. The management report offers a deep-dive insight into the company’s performance, allowing everyone to make smarter decisions moving forward.


Content library

Ever spent hours searching for the right content piece? Well, NEXT content library collects all your campaign content pieces, from still to moving images, giving your content team quick access to the images they need. It’s basically your internal content pool that can be used for case studies, best practices, presentations, social media or anything you need.



Aside from the usual campaign reporting, NEXT helps you track literally all the work you’ve done, how you’ve done it and who’s done it. From brands you work with most frequently, the biggest campaigns, the most lucrative clients, the number of collabs per influencer, who works with which brand and influencer most (and if your team’s focus is in the right place) and basically almost anything.



Payments are made simple with banking integration.

All your payments are kept in one place. You’ll be notified once the contract is signed when the content is posted, and finally, once you’ve been paid by the client. That’s when you’ll easily be able to pay out the influencers without going back and forth with your finance team. Simply track once a client has paid, export payment details for your finance department, and there you go.


Profile database

Whether it’s the agency, a brand, or an influencer – you create your own database of everyone you’ve worked with, keeping all the details in one place. This data helps you navigate future campaigns easier and allows you to see all your clients and influencers at a glance.

Profile Database@2x

Influencer discovery and profile analytics

And finally, of course, NEXT includes Post For Rent’s most popular tools: Discover and X-Ray. Discover lets you search our extensive influencer database based on multiple criteria points, allowing you to find the most suitable personas in the sea of influencers, while X-Ray literally scans any social media profile on the planet, providing you with comprehensive data report about the most important influencer analytics. These two tools allow marketers to save time searching for influencers and make smart data-driven decisions.


These are just some of the features NEXT offers to help you scale your business and drive results, enabling you to monitor and manage the work of your agency in one place. It’s literally a next-level tool that changes the way influencer agencies and talent managements operate, building stronger teams, better performance, time-saving and budget for that matter. but we'll be happy to show you around and introduce you to some of the amazing features the NEXT provides our clients with.


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