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Has it ever crossed your mind whether all the influencer marketing campaigns that happen around you are even effective? Of course it has. Mostly, you see only beautiful content and huge following numbers, but you miss the knowledge about the deeper data and results. 


In today’s world there is a huge interest in the magic of influencers and everybody would love to get a taste of it, but at the same time, the amount of hmm’s and frowns you get when discussing influencer marketing, especially in the higher layers of a company, have still not disappeared. We do not blame them as this is due to lack of transparency. 

Transparency has different layers and depths. By experiencing a high level of transparency, your mind about influencer marketing will change for the positive and most hmm’s and frowns will disappear. Therefore, let us discuss these layers one by one. 

Layer 1 - Transparency in paid collaborations

Only since a short while, the #Spon en #Ad have been announced in the rules of advertising for social media. These hashtags will indicate that the message is sponsored by a company, which has created a lot of transparency towards the audience.
At the same time the hashtags will shine light on the influencer activities. How many of their content is sponsored and which are completely authentic? This will help brands to choose more wisely who to work with. 

A great development in the field of influencer marketing, which keeps both brands and influencers sharp.

Layer 2 - Transparency in fee’s

I am sure this is a huge question mark in all campaigns since there is no exact line to be drawn in influencer fee’s. What is it based on and what is fair? The most common used formula is reach and engagement rate. But what about PR rate and content development skills? And really, what do reach and engagement rates actually say? (More on this in the following layer)

When creating more transparency in fee’s, you will be able to make a distinction in:

  • Management fee
  • The amount of hours influencer has worked on the content
  • Creative fee (for photography/videography)
  • Exposure fee

This will allow you to create a set of clear expectations and build a transparent relationship with the influencers you work with. Not to forget, you will be more in control of an accurate campaign CPM and investment budget.

Layer 3 - Transparency in data

Data, maybe the most important layer of transparency. Without the right data and a strong analysis, no one can really know what the right move is in influencer marketing or what the effect really has been. 

Take for example the reach numbers on an Instagram account. By making this data more transparent, you will learn about:

  • The rate of fake followers
  • The gender rate
  • The distinction between followers who are influencers themselves, who are inactive or who engage the most with the account

If you could dig deeper, you could create more transparency about the location of the followers, the languages they speak, brands they follow, content they engage with most etc. 

The reason why transparency in data is so crucial is because it is the fundament for your campaigns and collaborations. When basing your decisions on the right data, it would be difficult to go wrong. And let us be honest, data cannot lie. 

Layer 4 - Transparency in results

The last layer, with the same importance as the rest, is the results layer. A strong and in depth report of campaigns can create a huge shift in the sentiment around influencer marketing. Of course this goes hand in hand with transparency in data and fee, which you only can achieve by using the right tools and having a strong relationship with the influencers you work with. 

Let’s be honest, would you hear any hmm’s and see any frowns if all influencer marketing campaigns would have a strong transparency in all discussed layers? Get in touch and let’s discuss how Post For Rent could help you create more transparency around you collaborations. 


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