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Our special Black Friday deals are here for you! Check them out and get the most out of the holiday season with the help of influencer marketing.

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Campaign management

We are offering one month of our Manager Pro plan completely free. Then if you like it, sign up for $129 per month.

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Check out below where does Black Friday originate from and how you can get the best of it

The internet has been exploding these couple of weeks, offers are pouring more than ever before. This year is particularly busy in advertisements due to various factors, one of them being the current situation of the pandemic and quarantine. Companies exploit what digital marketing has to offer as for consumers their electronic devices are pretty much the only channels to the outside world. How can we make the best out of this Black Friday communication and most importantly, what does it teach us about price promotions? 

Take me back to the start!

Sales and discounting has been a marketing tool since very beginning - a super effective way to boost revenues in a short period of time. The concept Black Friday itself is originally from the United States and its roots go way back to the financial crisis of the 19th century. Today it marks a much happier event, for both clients and retailers: the beginning of the holiday shopping season. But make no mistake, as easy as it may seem, to make the most out of this time brands need much stronger strategies than ever before!


How to stand out in the crowd? Impress me!

As online shopping is this year's protagonist, which turned into a hobby for most of the people in quarantine, our first step would be to check online purchasing behaviors. Mobile devices are on the rise, consumers like to buy on the go, spending less time on giving brands a chance to impress them. According to research, in the last two years the average time spent on a page decreased by more than 8% while the average bounce rate increased by 7,28%. Optimizing the customer journey and making sure shopping experience runs as smoothly as possible significantly increases your chances. Your IT and Customer care team may need a little extra support during this period to leave no unsatisfied users behind.

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, enabling your clients to use Instagram's easy shopping options for instance could be a way to go. Learn more about the topic here. 


Let's continue this exciting topic! Book a call with our lovely team to get the most out of holiday season!

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