Post for Rent

The automated solution for influencer marketing

Post for Rent is a service with an objective to make brand’s life easier and more professional on the field of influencer marketing, and to make influencers rewarded and digitally educated subjects of their era.

As the generation Z or the so-called millennials through the powerful tools of social media have became the main opinion leaders - not just within their generation but beyond that as well –, brands were seeking ways to understand and to use first the channels, then the users of these platforms as well. For now, any kid in any basement can be YouTube-famous, and create a powerful empire with enormous amount of followers and brands want to be the part of this room: on the wall, on a shirt, in the glass or on a lip.

Post for Rent created a platform where these two – basically for each other totally foreign – stakeholders have chance to meet. The tool is an online international agora where brands are able to find the best fitting faces for their campaigns, as well as the tool can recommend the most adequate solutions according to their briefs.

On the other hand, Post for Rent is the most sophisticated database regarding influencer marketing: more than 20.000 influencers have registered and still growing. The social DNA of an influencer is one of the most powerful tool in a brand’s hand: influencers from different part of the world (namely United States, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Russia) have a huge impact on consuming, and Post for Rent is just able to provide information and answer for the torturing question: who are they, actually?

And what about the influencers? In brief, they are the most important ones. Post for Rent is not just providing them a paid job for a thing they love the most but our goal is to make them more valuable as they are. Our objective is to make them honorable subjects of the marketing field. Honor their work and get paid for it. It works.

All the tools – both on brand and influencer site – are totally automated: no accounts, no messages in spam folders, only the smooth process of a campaign with the powerful and sophisticated software.


Why just dream when you can dream bigger? Post for Rent became one of fastest developing companies dealing with influencer marketing in a very short time. Of course, it’s not only about dreaming: it’s about our belief in profession, our trust in our amazing team members and – most of all – the faith that influencers create something unique. Our future-oriented and forward thinking solutions, as well as the feedbacks from the whole industry, made us believe that we are on a good track: our automated, data-driven system made the brands’ lives more easier, their campaigns more effective and influencer’s dreams not just bigger, but realistic too. But how did it start? How did a small innovation become a global software and how did it affect the influencer marketing? Here are our milestones we are proud of, not just because we love data and numbers.


Post for Rent founded


First campaign kicked off in Hungary with UBER, who became our strategic partner at the same time.


The manually launched influencer recruitment has changed to an automatic one after the first asset input.


The structure of the currently used website has been finalized.


Launch of the Influencer App:
  • 200 registrations in the first month
  • 300 registrations in 3 months


First international campaign kicked off with Nike


10 million connected reach achieved at the first time!


Two PR agencies connected their whole influencer database to our system in order to simplify their daily routine


10.000 influencer registrations achieved


Launch of the Advertiser App


Launch of the My Stats system which allows brands to create a full market research based on channels, follower base, demographical data (age, gender,location) and categories.


Opening our office in London.
2017 November


Fresh, simple and smooth. Post for Rent is a great platform that connects the creators with brands with strong support from the core team during the campaign planning period. The continuously expanding influencer base helps us to reach people in different segments.“
Zsolt Sebesi
Integrated Communication Expert @ Vodafone
I just love to work with Post for Rent team! They are super flexible, I can rely on them anytime and are true bridges between brands and influencers. For me P4R means diverse campaigns, great support and good rewards.
Chloe from the woods
Recommended for everyone who prefers fluent process and don’t want to meet any unnecessary rounds or hidden costs.
Zsolt Sebesi
Integrated Communication Expert @ Vodafone
Easy to use and can get solutions for complicated requests also. Finally a service which is deliberate and flexible, moreover can manage several campaigns simultaneously as well.
Lilla Szabó
Digital Media Planner @ Mediacom
No issues, just a click and the work is done. With the helping hand of a young and cool team and their relations, everyone has the chance to work internationally as well. These guys are the true masters of creativity, worth to check them out!


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