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The P#ST FOR RENT App provides the easiest way to work with brands, and gives power-ups to your social media routine every day, while you are getting paid.

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Whether you are a fashion addict, a food junkie or a sneaker seeker, you will find your best match to work with your favorite brands. 21 different categories is such an amount, isn’t?


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You can see the world through lenses only? Or prefer to write a novel? Connect all your favorite social media channels and create content fitting best to you!


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We know how important it is therefor we developed a system with the quickest payout system ever. You can use PayPal, Payoneer or personal bank accounts in order to hear the ‘Ka-Ching’ as soon as possible!


Instant messages

Keep the work smooth with brands, as it was just a conversation with one of your friend. Instant answers to your questions on the go. Because no one likes emails.



Help brands to work with the best influencers! You have the chance to curate other’s work anonymously. We prefer the pro style, not the hostile – stay cool and be professional!