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An end-to-end tool amplifying your influencer marketing agency capabilities.

Apply for the exclusive product launch opportunity and try NEXT Business Manager for 60 days to oversee all ​of your ​contracts, payments, team efficiency, content, report, and document in one place without any risk and no charge.

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How NEXT will keep your agency ahead of the competition?
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Increased team efficiency

Using NEXT will unlock your team’s true potential, increase your finance and talent management team’s productivity instead of hiring new team members to manage the increased workload

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Less administrative duties

Reduce your talent and campaign managers administrative duties by 50%, providing them 40% more qualitative time to support their talents and drive new business

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Increased team productivity

Tracking your team productivity will be easier than ever with the fully transparent system that can be the backbone of incentive tools like bonus systems, the productivity of the team increased by 20%

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Communication effectiveness

NEXT will align your agency's internal workflows and processes to increase the communication effectiveness by 80% between management, finance, campaign and influencer manager teams

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Increased cash-flow

Get a complete overview of your financials and follow up outstanding invoices with your partners, finance and legal teams to increase your cash-flow increased by 30%

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Less time on paperwork

NEXT's smart integrations can decrease the time spent on sorting and signing contracts and other official documents by 40%

Full insight into your agency's performance
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Monitor Team Performance

NEXT helps you keep track of all the team members' ongoing campaigns, the number of influencers they've worked with, as well as the number of successful campaigns they've delivered.

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Incentive System

Based on budget and the campaign costs, NEXT will give you an overview of the best performing campaign and influencer managers and how much bonus they earned.


Financial Overview

Tracking your invoices and payments for the whole team and measuring revenue month by month will offer you a full insight into the company's financial performance.

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One-of-a-kind campaign and content management tool
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Track contracts, content, invoices, payments and campaign todos in one place and make status reporting effortless for you and the whole team.

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Multiple accounts and Campaigns

Your team can easily create and manage multiple influencer campaigns, with the ability to manage multiple brands under one account.

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Providing your team with seamless communication that allows processes to run from a to z without missing any steps

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All-in-one contract automation


NEXT will allow you to use multiple contract templates with ready-to-use customized fields so you can create agreements in minutes, without an error, even at scale.



DocuSign or any equivalent e-signature integration allows you to easily sign contracts with influencers helping you save time while making sure all players are legally protected.



NEXT will give a full overview for your whole team on the agreement progress and find all the signed contracts and those waiting to be signed.

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Your internal content pool
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All content in one place

NEXT Content library collects all your campaign content pieces, from still to moving images.

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Search with ease

Whenever your team needs to find specific content, filter by influencer, campaign, brand or even a country giving your content team a quick access to the images they need.


Content Recycling

Download wherever and use influencer content for case studies, best practices, presentations, social and more.

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Find the best influencers and make data-driven decisions

Advanced filters

Set specific filters and find the most suitable influencers for your brand in no time. Filter, search, select and then export easily to share with your colleagues.


Estimated results

Once you filter and select your preferred creators, check their audience data as well as combined estimated results they can bring to your campaigns.

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Influencers worldwide

Local, regional, global - doesn't matter. They're all in the database covering all major social media platforms, available for you to discover.

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All financials are kept in one place.

Banking integration

NEXT will collect and pair all incoming payments with your invoices and campaigns and allow you to pay out influencers with banking integrations as well.


Payment tracking

You'll be notified once the contract is signed, the content posted, and finally once you've been paid by the client and you can release influencer payouts.

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Influencer Payments

Payout the influencers without going back and forth with your finance team. Simply track once a client has paid, export payment details for your finance department.

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We've created 2 packages based on different organizational needs and sizes with the necessary features and integrations included.
Price / Month Starts at
2,590 USD
Starts at
4,890 USD
Value Proposition For influencer and talent management agencies that run multiple campaigns and programs looking to streamline work For teams and companies of all sizes that require a management overview on the team and financial performance
Campaign Manager 2 Users 4 Users
Finance Manager 1 User 2 Users
Team Leader User 1 User 1 User
Management User close 1 User
199 USD
199 USD
Campaigns 10 Campaigns / Month Unlimited
Contracts 50 Contracts / Month Unlimited
Management View close check Multiple companies and teams overview
Automated Contract Management DocuSign or equivalent e-signature Intergration DocuSign or equivalent e-signature Intergration
Contract Templates 1 Custom
Content Library check up to 15 results check up to 200 content results
Campaign Reporting check 10 Campaign Reports check Unlimited
Influencer Discover check Country Database check Global Database
  check 50 Influencer Reports check 150 Influencer Reports
Influencer Analytics BUY ADDITIONAL 100 REPORTS
199 USD
199 USD
Constant analytical access From 599 USD / 1,000 Influencer Profiles From 599 USD / 1,000 Influencer Profiles
Client Data Import close check 1,990 USD
Influencer Comparison check up to 5 comparison check Unlimited comparisons
Workflow Customization close check
DocuSign check check
Google Workspace check check
Slack close check
Banking close check
API Access close check
Self-serve knowledge base check check
24/7 support check check
Dedicated Customer Success Manager close check
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