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With Post For Rent X-Ray you can instantly analyze any social media account with the help of machine learning and AI.

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Search among 90M+ Influencers

relevant data

Relevant Data

As the use of influencer marketing grows, so does the fees. Be sure you are spending smart on your next campaign.

audience reports

Audience Reports

Besides the basic analytics like follower count and engagement rate you can really dive into the demographics and credibility of an account's entire follower base.

instant download

Instant Download

After analyzing a profile you can easily download a PDF report of all data points in only one click.

ai driven big analytics

Al driven big data analytics

We apply a machine learning-based approach to identify gender, age and country of followers, using publicly available profile data.

fraud detector

Fraud Detector

Breaking down an account's audience to categories of real people, mass followers and suspicious accounts.

brand safety

Brand Safety

Making the endless amount of data summarized and transparent so you know if working with the influencer is worth it.

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  • UBER
  • NIKE

Look up any influencer

Our search enables you to pick any public social media account.

look up any influencers

Analyze Accounts

Want to look someone up? Just go ahead and analyze their profile with more than 15 most used datapoints.

analyze any accounts

Save & Download

When the audience profile analytics is complete you can download the profiles in a PDF document.

save and download

Who Do We Suggest it For?

For brands and agencies to analyze social media accounts to assist in fraud detection allowing you to spend wiser on future influencer marketing campaigns.
Talent Managers
You are constantly looking for the next big star, intuition is key but facts never lie either! Go ahead and analyze any social media account you wish to learn more about.
Keep track of your own social media channel performance, learn the areas to focus on for improvement and send your profile to potential clients easily with a one-click-export.

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