Social Media: The place for public grieving



Arooj Aftab

Kobe Bryant’s passing struck the news unexpectedly and swamped over the internet with fans and friends of the former basketball star paying tribute.

The internet has allowed thousands of us to express emotion and show our sympathies when tragedies occur, even more so many of us find ourselves often affected by the death of someone we don’t personally know. In moments like this it’s important to realise our influence to the world both online and offline. The internet has become a community where thousands are feeling the same emotion. Platforms like instagram soon become a kind of memory book where you can share images, memories and your favourite things in honour of the people that inspire you and the things you love.

Many people will say, why do we share images online of someone we don’t personally know but has still had a huge impact, is it to show respect?, is it because everyone around is doing the same thing?

Let us know your thoughts.

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