The meme that has made January



Arooj Aftab

Meme culture isn’t going anywhere.

Where there’s a picture, there’s a story and a good joke.

If you haven’t already seen the latest meme that’s circulating on the internet, social media users and celebrities are showing their different personalities on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

The craze started when Dolly Parton posted a collage on her instagram showing the different images she would use for Linkedin, Facebook, instagram and Tinder with the caption; “Get you a woman who can do it all 😉” 

The post went viral and has been continued by social media influencers and stars such as Noami Campbell, Dontella Versace, Janet Jackson and more.

Brands like Irn Bru have also got involved to add some humour to their feed and interact with their audience.

We all present ourselves differently on each platform, i’m sure what you post on Tinder wouldn’t be one for the family to see 😉 - This is a great way to showcase some personality and interact with your audience, also not to mention - a great way to marketing tool for all social platforms, who doesn’t want their name going viral in a meme?

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