You are an influencer.



Lee Webster

Influencer Marketing is nothing new. Actually it's been around since the beginning of civilisation. At its core is a basic concept- one person influencing people's decision to do something.

Who is an influencer?

We all are. As things progress and social media evolves its becoming more and more apparent that the average 'man on the street' is slowly becoming the influencer of choice. Think about it, how often do you look at a famous person's social media page and see a product and think "oh yes I'm definitely going to buy that if she is advertising it" Never. Why? because you are not easily influenced, you have your own mind, you are fully aware of 'influencer marketing' and you're not going to fall for it. Or so you like to think....


So how about you're looking for a new bluetooth speaker and you're surfing through Amazon, what are you paying attention to? The reviews. Why? Because they are written recommendations by real people, people like you and me who just want to share why something is good or bad through the kindness of their heart and the general human desire to be helpful installed in most of us. These people are, in essence, nano-influencers. They are the most effective tool for persuading someone else to buy something, and that something can be a product, service or even an idea. That's right, influencer marketing is no longer bound to selling products , it has huge sociopolitical potential as well.

So since we can agree that small 'Joe Public' accounts are the most effective for influencing whats the next most important element? What do we need to pay attention to if it's not who has the biggest number of followers? In a word- Data. Effectively tracking demographics and its many layers, hashtags and behaviours, these are our most important tools in creating a fruitful campaign.

Data means the difference between a successful campaign or a waste of time. Paying attention to detail in demographics and making sure the data is accurate and current is essential.

Influencer marketing is evolving beyond celebrities and mass followed accounts.

Are your marketing strategies evolving to stay ahead?

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