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Although staying at home for a couple of weeks can seem like a punishment, social distancing is of the utmost importance when it comes to fighting off the coronavirus pandemic.

You might need some time to get a hang of working productively from the coziness of your sofa, but there are so many pros to it that you'll wish to continue doing it once all this finally comes to an end. Working from home doesn't mean you have to work for 24 hours. Get up early, eat that favorite breakfast of yours that you get to enjoy only on Sundays and work like you would from the office. All the hours you usually spend commuting or laying exhausted after you arrive home can be spent elsewhere.

Why not put that extra time to good use and learn something new? Considering that the job market is extremely competitive today, an extra skill won't hurt, especially if it's free! Even better if it can help you step up your ongoing career!

Language courses

Being multilingual brings so many benefits. Language can open doors to a new business, help you earn trust in the multicultural environment way faster, provide you with more opportunities to travel for work, improve cultural sensitivity. Aside from opening up some new career opportunities, learning a new language has plenty of neurological benefits – it boosts brain functionality, helps you multitask more efficiently, serves as a mental gymnastics tool and so much more.

Recommendations: Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, Babbel, Udemy 

Cooking classes

Enough with the take-outs and cooking from the box. Once you go back to your regular 9-5 workplace, bringing your own creations will make you look forward to that lunch break even more. Kick-start your chef career and give cooking the old college try!

Recommendations: Gordon Ramsay's Masterclass, Wolfgang Puck's Masterclass, Udemy,Top Chef University

Microsoft Office courses

Oh you know this, it's super straightforward, right? Nope! Not if you have seen what some people can do in these programs with a couple of clicks and commands. Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools is essential. Documentation, data validation, data analysis and presentation are needs of almost 100% of businesses in the job market. The importance of new skills will help you work more efficiently in the world of Word, Excel and PowerPoint and mentioning them in a resume will add value and enhance the chances of employment in your domain of choice.

Recommendations: UdemyDigicompAlison

Social Media courses

Being unfamiliar with the do-it-all tool for all small business owners, media professionals and commoners across the globe is not an option nowadays. Courses in the field cover both the business and technical aspects of implementing a successful social media initiative. Learn the secret behind the best post formats and timings, how to create appealing content, unique social media voice and messaging, and tap into the world of social media analytics. That one right post at the right moment, shared via the correct medium can make a huge difference – it can reach thousands, instead of one (or none).

Recommendations: Digital Marketing InstituteSkillshare, CourseraUdemy 

App Building and Coding Classes

Though coding skills might seem too field-specific, we all know that one friend/cousin/neighbor who created an addictive game or app from scratch, with no college degree or expensive equipment. Throughout your regular work, you probably encountered some issues that would be quickly handled with the use of a super easy app. You can conceptualize and create it regardless of your age, skill or professional qualifications. Thirty minutes per day is all it takes to learn how to do it!

Recommendations: Google Developers Training, Udemy,Udacity


Aside from the mentioned ones, there are thousands of other open online courses that you can take, either at the specified time or at your own pace. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you're employed or not, rich or poor – these courses can help boost your career or spark up your personal preferences. Whatever you do remember to stay at home, act responsible and help stop the spread. #imstayinghome

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