Why you should be doing video content for your social media in 2020



Arooj Aftab

It’s time to add some videos to your feed.

Keeping up with social media trends can be difficult. We’re so used to sticking by what we know, so when apps are introduced and fresh updates occur it’s okay to freak out a little and take time getting used to it.

Video content has evolved massively, from YouTube to the idea of sending 10 second videos to your friends via Snapchat, to Instagram story, IGTV and last but not least, the powerhouse that is TikTok 

With many articles online stating that video content is set to be the main information channel this year, we here definitely agree. Proven by current trends, it’s going to kick off. Storytelling is becoming more important and consumers feel much more connected with who they are following online, whether its a genuine product review or a random video that showcases your personality

If you want to lay in on the trends, now is your time. Test it out as it could be super beneficial for your social media channels, also... rumour has it, IGTV might just fix your algorithm on Instagram! 

If you’re someone that’s not keen on doing video, or hates the sound of your own voice, there’s many ways to still do video. Be it a look book, a “how to tutorial” just play some old-school hip-hop background music and run with captions. There’s always a way.

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