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Learn about the next big things in influencer marketing, LinkedIn's new company page feature, Twitter's video impact research and more!

Influencer marketing is revolutionizing

Influencer marketing efforts can still be extremely successful for brands, even those in industries hit hardest by the coronavirus. According to the latest article published by Forbes, after reaching record lows at the beginning of the pandemic, travel and tourism companies have since revamped their marketing spend and are boosting in on influencer content that educates consumers about travel safety.

Selecting a perfect influencer that educates and delivers quality content that resonates with your brand and audience still remains a daunting task. Although when it comes to finding the right influencers, quantitative metrics are no longer enough as a benchmark, thanks to the rise of unauthentic social media stars. The latest solution to these problems? Artificial intelligence. AI, alongside with machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) are the next big things when it comes to revolutionizing the way brands conduct influencer marketing by combining quantitative and qualitative metrics in a meaningful way. 


LinkedIn promotes new company page features

To help both companies and employees stay connected to their communities during these 'new normal' times, LinkedIn announced various new additions to the company pages.



Twitter explores impact of videos on brand KPIs


Getting attention fixated on video in First View helps the user get a better understanding of the message when other formats, which  


Best practices for influencer marketing optimisation

Running successful influencer marketing campaigns is both science & art. Identifying and briefing influencers is fundamentally a creative process; on the other hand, continuously driving campaigns’ ROI relies on a thorough workflow.

Whether you are new to influencer marketing or have been collaborating with influencers for a while and recently started working with your team remotely, having a robust set of processes to guide your efforts is key to your success.

According to the latest article published by Talking Influencer, there are five best practices for influencer marketing optimisation. By briefing influencers about your expectations, sharing and approving brand material, coordinating your campaigns, promoting content created by influencers, and measuring the response you receive from their audience, you are stacking the odds in your favour.


Facebook highlights new online community building courses

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