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Learn all about Twitter and Facebook's efforts to fight misinformation. Check out how Vimeo helps content creators promote their paid work. Discover the magical formula for successful influencer program and more!

Twitter aims to fight misinformation

Trending topics question was tweeted over half a million times over the last year. While the statistical value and relevancy of trending topics are not doubted, the wording or hashtag that is indeed trending can sometimes be misleading.

To answer question why something is trending, Twitter rolled out multiple features and added more context -pinned tweets and descriptions.

Pinned tweets are selected by a combination of algorithms and Twitter’s own curation team who determineswhich tweet represents a trend by evaluating if the Tweet is very reflective of the trend and popular. The algorithms identify Tweets that aren’t abusive, spam, or posted by accounts trying to take advantage of the system.

Moreover, Twitter adds brief descriptions to some trends to help add context. Descriptions provide straightforward and clean sourced context. Descriptions are also developed and controlled by Twitter’s curation team.


Vimeo helps creators showcase brand collaborations

After launching a marketplace last year, Vimeo continues to help creators with paid projects. The team has created an entirely new profile experience that lets content creators promote more of the work made in collaboration with brands and businesses.

With the new Vimeo profile pages, users can organize videos with an easy drag-and-drop interface into customizable sections and label videos by categories. They also have the ability to add important info, like a list of clients and brands they’ve worked with on previous projects. Sharing a Vimeo profile across social channels is easier than ever and, last but not the least, the entire profile experience is now on one page where all of the updating takes place.


Magical formula for successful influencer program exists

There is no doubt that the marketing industry has recognized influencers as a successful advertising channel. However, most advertisers pay influencers to do one post and then move on.

In their latest article, Entrepreneur team shared the magical formula that works every time:


Target relevance + long term collaboration = successful influencer program


So as you go and develop your own influencer programs, ask yourself: "Am I thinking about this long-term? Am I applying the formula that’s worked so well for other brands?“

Take inputs from influencers and build your product around them. Everything else will follow.


Facebook brings forwarding limit to messenger

As a part of the ongoing efforts to fight misinformation and provide people with a safer and more private messaging experience, Facebook introduced a new forwarding limit on the messaging platform that prevents messages from being forwarded to more than five people or groups at a time.

Facebook has been working hard on all its platforms to keep communication safe and has introduced features like safety notifications, two-factor authentication, and easier blocking and reporting earlier this year. The latest one provides users with that extra layer of protection.


Brands that make the first move could win the gaming industry

While most industries have suffered serious setbacks during the pandemic, the gaming industry has taken a huge leap forward. Its major players, such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Twitch, are reaping the rewards, according to the latest article published by Forbes.

While gaming hasn’t been at the forefront of most companies’ minds, there is a similar opportunity for brands to capitalize on this wave by marketing and advertising to the gaming industry’s user base.

When the value proposition of a product or service is geared directly toward the gaming sector, conversion rates can increase dramatically. In the gaming world, influential players with huge social media followings have more clout than even professional sports figures. When companies are able to get their product in the hands of the right influencer, products sell out in a matter of hours.

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