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Instagram rolls out pinned comments, LinkedIn's new feature provides a name pronunciation option, Facebook pushes Reels in India and more.


Instagram rolls out pinned comments, allowing users to showcase them on top of posts

In May, Instagram announced 'Pinned Comments' as one of the several new features that focus on reinforcing positivity on the app and limiting the harassment/bullying often happening in comment section. Other features included the ability to bulk delete comments and organize tags and mentions.

To access the feature, your Instagram should be updated to the latest version. Then tap on any of your posts and head to the comments section. To pin a comment, you simply have to swipe to the left and tap on the thumbtack icon.

You can pin up to three comments, which will then hide all other to the 'view all' section. Prepare to witness some awesome comments filled with positivity, since users will now definitely focus on getting in the spotlight.

A new job listing acts as a spoiler for Twitter's brand new subscription platform

Twitter appears to be working on a subscription platform for its social networking service. The rumors appeared thanks to a job listing written by the internal team, codenamed Gryphon. Twitter is currently recruiting engineers to join this subscription team, with employees collaborating closely with the company’s payments team.

Not long ago, Twitter was investigating offering subscription as a paid service for power users via survey that was supposed to assess whether users would pay for new analytics, breaking news alerts, or information about what an account’s followers are tweeting about.

We might hear more about this new feature in the upcoming months.

No more name mispronunciations, thanks to the new LinkedIn feature

LinkedIn rolls out an audio-recording feature for profiles, which enables members to create a voice recording of their name pronunciation.

The new feature is optional and should be available to all members globally over the course of the next few weeks.

You will only be able to record the pronunciation of your name from the Android or iOS app, but playback will be available across all devices and desktop. To hear it, members will simply have to tap on a small speaker icon located next to your name.


Facebook expands Instagram Reels to India amid TikTok ban

Privacy and security concerns made India ban 59 apps and services developed by Chinese companies in only one week. TikTok was one of those apps.

Indians are mostly engaging on Instagram via video, which makes up over a third of all posts. In general, about 45% of all videos posted on Instagram are of 15 seconds or shorter, so a broad test of Reels (Instagram's take on TikTok) in India, which has also rolled out in Brazil, France, and Germany, was only a natural move. Facebook's representative in India has dismissed all the rumors that the new feature's push had anything to do with the recent happenings.

Critical steps when partnering with influencers

According to the latest article published by Forbes, Influencers are among the most impressive traffic-generation engines available to marketers today. For a business, numbers that an influencer can impact are only the tip of the iceberg.

In all aspects of business, trust plays an important part. Thus, for companies to be secure in partnering with an influencer, they should start by learning more about their potential partners. This trustworthiness can be checked by following some critical steps, such as audience assessment, value comparison, researching connections, reviewing analytics, asking for references and more.




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