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Learn all about Twitter's brand new transparency feature, Instagram's take on keeping us glued to the feed, role of AI in the influencer marketing and more!


Is Artificial Intelligence the future of influencer marketing?

Selecting a perfect influencer that can deliver quality content that resonates with your brand and audience still remains a daunting task. Although when it comes to finding the right influencers, quantitative metrics are no longer enough as a benchmark, thanks to the rise of unauthentic social media stars. The latest solution to these problems? Artificial intelligence. AI, alongside with machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) are the next big things when it comes to revolutionizing the way brands conduct influencer marketing by combining quantitative and qualitative metrics in a meaningful way. According to Financial Express, AI provides a solution for multiple needs of the brands - from influencer search to brand affinity and content analysis.

In simpler terms, AI helps the brands to make their influencer campaigns more effective by streamlining problem-solving, data analysis, planning and researching processes which eventually leaves the marketers with more time in hands to boost efficiency of their marketing strategies and achieve desired results.


Twitter now provides more context on who sends you DM requests

World's favorite microblogging social media platform has recently announced updates regarding how people receive Direct Message requests. The update was outlined in a Tweet, saying that people will now have more information about the DM sender and that it will show mutual connections.

This added measure of security fits right in line with Twitter's recent focus on more transparency towards the community. Giving people on Twitter the added peace of mind in knowing exactly whom is messaging them is an admirable move, especially for accounts that have had issues with inappropriate or hateful DMs in the past. In fact, the person messaging will not be alerted that the other person has even seen their DM until they decide to accept


Instagram rolls out suggested posts to keep you scrolling through your feed

All caught up? We don't think so! Instagram expanded its feed with the launch of 'suggested posts'. These posts are published by the accounts you don’t follow and will show up after you’ve reached the end of your feed.

Up until now, the feed has been entirely determined by user's preferences and people they follow. The suggested posts won’t be the same ones that show up in Explore. They’ll be related to the content that users are already following, while Explore will continue to showcase adjacent content. The Suggested Posts feature is going to change the site in multiple ways and will for sure create a boom for some Instagram influencers.


Social Media Influencers are sales drivers for your business

According to the latest article published by Forbes, retail companies should think about their influencer partnerships as high-profile reviews of the products. There are dozens of reviews available online through platforms like Yelp, Amazon and Google but none of these are as valuable as a review that comes from an influencer your targeted audience follows and trusts. Your business can earn positive reviews that mean more than the random reviews they read elsewhere. Partnering with the right social media influencers really can drive sales.

It’s difficult to name another kind of marketing that offers a similar opportunity for your brand to earn a high-profile, highly-valuable positive review. When combined with the reach and engagement many influencers have, seeing the ROI on your influencer relationships becomes an easier thing to do.


Facebook announces new updates regarding Messenger Rooms

The brand new update lets you customize your Messenger Rooms background with a photo or video of your choice. This is in addition to the highly anticipated 360-degree backgrounds and mood lighting filters. Facebook will also roll out this feature on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Portal.

Aside from that, there will also be a new way to create and discover Rooms within Messenger on mobile. The change is meant to make Messenger Rooms more manageable within the Messenger mobile app.Within the mobile app you'll be able to discover, create, edit, manage and share rooms.



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