Influencer Marketing vs PPC advertising - Who's the winner?



Lilla Varadi

For a while now, brands have been debating which of two strategies—PPC or influencer marketing—should be their first go-to when it comes to digital marketing. Which one is better for your business? Let’s find it out!


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A (not-so) new marketing era


„Paid Advertising is where brands pay some amount to the platform where they are promoting content. Whereas Influencer Marketing is the one where brands pay a content creator for promoting their service.”


 Let the numbers speak: according to 92% of marketers who used this type of marketing in 2017 said it had been very effective for them. In 2017, 86% of marketers employed this type of marketing. The ultimate question is why is it more effective? 


The ROI of influencer marketing is higher. 


When compared to PPC, influencer marketing generates $6.50 in income for every $1 spent. According to PowerTraffic, brands generate $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on AdWords during a PPC campaign. According to another study, influencer marketing efforts have a ROI that is 11 times higher than that of conventional advertising. This ultimately means that you may invest less in influencer marketing and still get a sufficient return—a fact that will appeal to every senior management. 


And the numbers?

According to  a growth rate of 22%, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, trailing only paid search (with a growth rate of 14%) and display advertising (with a growth rate of 9%).




Here, influencer marketing triumphs! For long-term planning and content marketing, it is the greatest choice to take into account. Additionally, long-term branding provides the brand a real sense and helps your audience remember it.

Influencers produce realistic, interesting material that is realistic and appealing since it comes from a person you are familiar with and are following. People adore the influencers they follow and would eagerly try anything that their favorite influencer has reviewed. And the most important: people are more likely to talk about the advertised products on social media more when it is coming from influencers - and let's be honest, word of mouth has the huge power!

Creative influencer marketing is possible. It is reasonably priced. Most crucially, it is resistant to ad blockers. Additionally, the ROI from this marketing method is higher – as the statistics and our many years experiences shows. It's never too late to start using influencer marketing if you haven't already. Try it out and let us know how it works out for you!



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