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Welcome to the new edition of our five latest social media and influencer marketing trends. Check out how Instagram plans to overtake Twitter and become the number one social media news source. See how Influencers can now edit their photos easier than ever, thanks to Adobe's new free photoshop camera app, check how Facebook plans to save its Portal with Messenger Rooms and why NOW is the time to invest in Influencer Marketing.

Instagram set to overtake Twitter as a news source.

With younger generation having weaker connection when it comes to websites and apps, social media became number one news source.

Reuters Institute has published its Digital News Report 2020, and one of the interesting findings is how much Instagram has surged as a news source among young people.

Though Twitter has held the title of the best news provider, according to the report, use of Instagram for news has doubled and the platform is set to overtake it within the next year.

Across all countries, just over a quarter (28%) prefer to start their news journeys with a website or app. Those aged 18–24 (so-called Generation Z) have an even weaker connection with websites and apps and are more than twice as likely to prefer to access news via social media.”

- Nic Newman, Lead Author

Adobe launches free Photoshop Camera App on IOS and Android.

Adobe launched a brand new app called Photoshop Camera that’s filled with a bunch of very elaborate filters that can, in their words, 'Blow up your social feed.'

"The goal is to bring the magic of Photoshop directly to your camera’s viewfinder!”

- Abhay Parasnis, Adobe CTO

Users can step up their game and show unique styles with thoughtfully curated presets and editing options created by featured artists. These stunning insta-worthy lenses and camera effects to apply before or after the shot will also save time and camera space when it comes to creating attractive Influencer Marketing posts.

Also, introducing people who don't use photoshop regularly, to Adobe's ecosystem through smaller, less intimidating apps, will eventually convert some of them to its paid professional tools. 

Twitter launches Audio Tweets on iOS.

Creating audio snippets that last up to 140 seconds, and sharing them as Audio Tweets – this is finally a reality.

Sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation. 

- Maya Patterson and Rémy Bourgoin, Twitter Blog

When starting to compose a tweet, you will see a new waveform icon beside the camera icon.    

While audio can be added to original tweets, modifying the looks of the recording is still not available, so Twitter will always automatically use the image you have as your profile picture. It is also not possible to create an audio tweet as a reply or a commented retweet.

Facebook brings Messenger Rooms to its Portal smart display

Facebook’s smart video display might not have started with the bang, but bringing Messenger Rooms and other useful additions will help product finally take off.

According to a recent Forbes report, some models actually sold out. 

Just as a reminder - Messenger Rooms make it easy to connect up to 50 people via Messenger or Facebook, and join even without having a Facebook account. With more people connecting via video platforms, adding a level of fun or creativity can help to liven up proceedings.

Aside from Rooms, Facebook is also adding the capacity to go live to Facebook Pages or Groups from Portal.

Entrepreneur says that now is the ideal time to invest in Influencer Marketing.

If you didn't step forward to the recent marketing trends during the last couple of years, 2020 has definitely showed us that traditional way of doing things is over.

This is the perfect time to invest in influencer marketing which is effective, efficient, nimble and drives results. “

- Entrepreneur

Measurable ROI stands out the most, when it comes to influencer engagement scores, especially when compared to the most branded content. According to the report Entrepreneur shared on their site, brand videos on Facebook have an average watch time of 4.57 seconds, while influencers get tens of minutes!

According to recent studies, influencers are more trusted, far cheaper and way more approachable than celebrities or athletes among Gen Z and Millennials.

With everyone forced to shop online, influencers have been driving more purchases than ever. With the given situation, lockdown and global isolation, most of the advertisers have tried to create things fast, cheap and appealing — which is just the thing influencers have been doing for years.

So, it's better to invest in the experts who have invented the game, right? ;)

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