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Mariann Takács

After our Fashion industry overview, we move on to another bestseller topic in influencer marketing: beauty products and social media marketing has a very special bond, and soon you will see why. 

Influencer marketing's role in the beauty industry 

Simply by looking through our case study selection, you can notice a slight dominance of beauty brands' campaigns. This industry is the one that benefitted the most from the rise of social media platforms and with its help, grew to be a 5.5 billion business, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

Two main changes that contributed to this growth and changed the game forever are methods that can serve as great examples for other industries as well. One of them is to use your social platforms as new sales channels. Sephora's Instagram followers for instance can already shop their posts, clicking on each content to see the products presented with the direct link to buy immediately. 


Italian make up and skincare brand Kiko's Instagram profile is also a great example of viewing social media platforms as sales channels. Clicking on the pictures you can immediately see prices and before you know, you're one step away from purchasing. 



Magic mirror on the wall, who is the best influencer of all? 

One of the challenges of influencer marketing - and many times the whole marketing industry - is that the actual results are very difficult to measure. If only there was a way to see.. May all our wishes come true as easily as this one!

Conversion is a hotshot metric that will make our results tangible facts and figures that we can calculate with. The campaign goal is often raising brand awareness - actually it is always implied - but its real impact is hard to measure. Conversion rate on the other hand allows you to track the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns.

One way to effectively track conversions is to create unique coupon codes, which is super effective for multiple reasons: 

- Followers are not going to feel pushed but rather grateful for being able to buy the product at a discounted price thanks to the influencer

- Not only can it tell us the overall ROI, but the performance of each influencer individually when given unique coupon codes

- It gives you a great deal of data to base your next campaign decision, such as which creators to include in your campaign next time based on their conversion rates that we can track with their unique code

A great example of an influencer marketing campaign we have managed through the platform was the Philips' Lumea campaign. Philips was aiming to educate consumers and boost sales of their hair removal device- Lumea, involving not only beauty but lifestyle and travel influencers as well. Giving unique coupon codes to all participants, inserting swipe ups in their story contents and tagging the brand on all posts resulted in great conversion rates. Check out the figures of engagement and reach by clicking on the image below! 

3mas-IG-post (2)

Not a huge fan of coupon codes? Fortunately it isn't the one and only way to measure conversion: PPC campaigns were invented just for that.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click influencer campaigns offer a special payment method which allows you to pay only for the actual clicks that a content creator's post generates. This campaign type is a great choice for you because:

- You don't necessarily need to create trackable links yourself, on our influencer marketing platform all you have to do is insert the link of the website you wish to lead users to and let us do the dirty work for you :)

- You can unleash the information that unique coupon codes provide about the influencers involved in the campaign, but you can track the performance of each individual without the trouble of creating the unique codes

- It allows you to pay according to the campaign's success - no more, no less

Best of influencer contents - Get hairy with your campaigns!

Creating beautiful contents comes naturally in this industry - I mean, the clue is in the name. Ingredients and effectiveness are highly relevant details that worry customers, therefore educational contents are even more important here: method of usage videos, before-after shots and itemized element listings are key content types. 

The way influencers present the product needs to align with not only the campaign goal but the brand personality as well. Based on that we can differentiate two main styles: the elegant and the playful, humorous visuals - both combining the ingredients of the product with the influencer's personality and lifestyle. 

Our collaborations with Garnier skin and haircare products work as exciting and super aesthetic content examples. What makes these contents great? 

3mas-IG-post (1)

Take a look at Dorina Toppler's (@toppdorina) pictures for the Garnier Aloe Gel: she presents the method of usage, a close-up shot of the gel and even includes the main ingredient in the product, paying attention to the small details, consistency in colors and styles. While what Rebeka Wechsler (@styleofbecca) and Ala (@hawryszek) Polish beauty influencer managed to achieve is creative, fun and playful images for the campaign. Try to get the best of both worlds!

3mas-IG-post (5)

Best of beauty case studies - Influencer campaigns in smooth waters :) 

Find even more engaging examples of influencer marketing campaigns we launched with Henkel, Hello Body or Bulldog Skincare among our short case studies


Did you get inspired? Check out our Manager Pro plan to try Pay-per-click campaigns or get in touch with us, let's have a chat about your business and the suitable options to measure conversion in your campaigns.  

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