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Mariann Takács

An original concept, a mutually beneficial partnership and a couple of devoted brand ambassadors = a great buzz around the brand with higher engagement rate than ever before in the history of the brand.


Concept and creative process 

Jameson. Spontaneous, young but mature, surprising and original. Strong, bold and spirited. Only a couple of buzzwords that describe perfectly not only the brand personality but the average consumer of Jameson Irish whiskey.

The power of a parthership

Step zero is always to ask ourselves how do we best reach this target group? What do they care about? What do they like? How do they dress? Knowing our potential clients, we incorporated into the campaign a movement that is popular amongst them and found partners that fit the brief perfectly. Our brilliant creatives designed a concept that is based on the internationally well-known trend called Movember, which encourages men all around the world to not shave at all during the month of November. We partnered with barber shops all around the target country and even though the main events and contents were created during and after November, the decorations, creatives, the branded Jameson bar and displays stayed in the 14 barber shops involved throughout the whole year. These partnerships didn't only mean a platform for new potential clients to meet and truly engage with the brand, but allowed barber shops to get exposure and new clients themselves: a real win-win situation. It was such a hit that by the second round of the campaign in November 2019 we actually needed to reject barber shops reaching out to join.

Engaging with the followers

It was an important element of the strategy to create a buzz around the topic associated with Jameson, also by involving customers in the campaign. Influencers were not only asked to post pictures about themselves in the barber shops and with the product but also to encourage followers to take part by monitoring and sharing their own progress: growing their mustache and beard in November. At the end of the month, whoever participated could go into a barber shop that was part of the Movember campaign on a discounted price and also received a Jameson branded goodie bag.

A good cause involved

While the movement manifests itself in a fun way where men sport fuzzy beards and mustache for a month, its main purpose is a much more serious issue. Movember is the leading charity aiming to face the men's health. Tackling prostate and testicular cancel as well as mental health problems, they are raising awareness - partially with the Movember movement - and encouraging men to educate themselves and attend medical check-ups regularly. Jameson did not intend to only focus on the fun side and ignore this important message behind the concept, but instead decided to donate 7 USD to the charity organization for each customer participating. 


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Influencer selection strategy

While it was essential to choose influencers who can communicate the brand message in an authentic way by carrying traits that resonate with the brand personality, diversity also played an important role in the selection process. Since the objective was also to widen the target group by reaching different social groups, the influencers were carefully selected ensuring a diverse portfolio. At the end a dancer, a fashion blogger, a chef and an athlete were hand picked through the platform: all of them reaching a different kind of clientele through their social media platforms, but each of them owning the Jameson brand personality, a passion for taste and quality. Our three male influencers were glad to take part in Movember, getting the well deserved shave at the end of the month. 


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Content creation 

Since out of the four chosen influencers only three were men, this resulted in a great opportunity for @toppdorina to get creative with her contents, as growing a beard and mustache in November was not an option for her. :) 

Her creativity shined best when alongside with the pictures of her and the product, her hair featured as a beard for her partner as well. On one of her contents she stands in front of her boyfriend almost invisible, making it appear as if her hair was one huge beard and mustache. Of course she made sure that Jameson's brand elements are showing in the background and on her outfit as well. It was a perfectly original way to present Movember, Jameson and her own personality in just one picture. Now that's what we call entertaining advertisement: fun, new and clever. 


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As for the boys, they needed to focus on the challenge of Movember as well, consistently posting about the progress and the results. The main event of the campaign was the day they could finally get shaved in one of the barber shops with a glass of cold Jameson in their hands. This generated a perfect scenario for us to shoot and create amazing content for the campaign and the brand's social channels. 


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Campaign audience analysis and results

Jameson's target group mainly consists of 20-40 years old man. The influencer campaign's goal however was not only to reach the target audience and build brand awareness but to widen the target group and reach new potential clients. Let's get deep into the ocean of numbers!

On the last day of Movember 379 men took the opportunity and went to one of the 14 featured barber shops to get shaved at the discounted price. There were 7 cities and 100+ barbers participating. With that number of attendees, a total amount of $2625 was donated to the Movember charity to support their cause. 

As for our influencers' performance, the 4 brand ambassadors reached more than 578 k followers and generated a total engagement of more than 56 k. In just a couple weeks more than 120 posts and stories were shared on Instagram about Jameson Movember. 


The campaign audience X-Ray analysis shows perfectly that we successfully reached our target audience aged 18-25 and 26-32 and managed to widen the target group in gender as the female-male ratio was almost equivalent, speaking to more women than before. The audience credibility score is always one of the most relevant metrics, as above all, influencers' followers need to be real if we want to reach actual potential costumers. In average 86% of our 4 brand ambassadors' merged follower base was made of real accounts, which is in a favorable range. Knowing what our target group is interested in can help come up with touch points, new opportunities to meet and interact with them. Our Audience brand affinity metric tells if the chosen influencers' audience interests resonate with the traits we previously identified as relevant topics, characteristics for the potential customers. This is how you can make sure your campaign will successfully reach the right users. In the case of Jameson Movember, the target audience was bound up on mainly fashion high end brands which fits our concept of caring for one's image by using a quality barber shop's service.

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Campaign takeaways

  • Nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships always pays off - especially if we are talking long-term! Jameson's Movember was so successful and liked by users that the campaign was replicated the next year and all the partners were more than happy to take part again, which made the execution much smoother.
  • Knowing your target audience is step 0, while step 1 would be to find influencers whose audience mirrors their behaviors, characteristics and interests, so that you are more likely to reach users who are open to your product.
  • Good engagement rates are important - likes, comments, saves and shares are key metrics while managing influencer marketing campaigns, but when you can move your clientele to an extent where you see user generated content, where live participation is feasible - that is what we call valuable engagement.
  • A good concept can go a long way - it might only take one great spark of idea to create an essential part of a brand's social strategy. This is definitely the case of Movember of Jameson's life. 2020 is going to be the third year of Jameson Movember and we are going bigger than ever before: including socially active barber's accounts, even more brand fit influencers, events and platforms to engage. Aim to explore every opportunity you see in a concept and innovate constantly!

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