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Mariann Takács

Last time we met here at our 'Best of' section we discussed the case of Jameson, creative concepts and partnerships. Now its Puma's turn to show us how it's done! We already mentioned their 80's style campaign in one of our short case studies, at least as far as figures go, but never did we go deep into the strategy and execution, nor did we mention the main point here: what can this project teach us about integrated campaigns? 

Welcome to the magical world of integrated marketing!

Yes, we are starting with a quick theory lesson again: how and when to utilize the power of integrated campaigns? The essence of Integrated Marketing Campaigns (IMC) is that the chosen promotional activities are connected to the objectives and target groups but most importantly, the focus is on the inter-connection between the different promotional activities. The actions we take, the channels we choose must support one another to reach the customer at the right time, on the right budget, with the right message - synergy is the key element here!

There can be various reasons or situations an integrated campaign in regards of social media and influencer marketing planning is needed:

Multiple or complex target groups

Social media consumption differs according to age groups. For instance, Generation Z may be better reached on TikTok than on Facebook these days and when your target group is complex, or you can divide them in multiple sub-groups, it's worth considering the option of an integrated campaign.

Multiple campaign goals or complex objectives

You must specify your objectives: let's say you want to increase sales, that's great, but by how much? What is the time frame? The more concrete your ideas are, the easier it is to find the right channels. When your campaign objectives are complex you must diversify: maybe at the beginning of the campaign you only wish to educate your potential customers and the sales incentives only come in built to this first phase. These two objectives might be better reached through different social media platforms, but don't forget our mantra: synergy, synergy, synergy! These channels must be carefully chosen.

Reach the same niche target group from multiple sides

The reason you decide to start an integrated campaign can be the fact that even though you have one well-defined crowd you'd like to reach, you aim to get to them from different angels, making sure you make a memorable impression. 


Puma's main concept - Relive the retro era!

In 2020 Puma decided to relaunch its iconic collection that was a raging success in the 1980s: after 40 years Puma Fast Rider is back to create new legends with similarly bright and playful colorway. Retro live their renaissance in the fashion industry and this trend is especially popular amongst young people. This new generation of Puma Rider Sneakers targets mainly the Generation Z and Millennials, with a special focus on Brand Ambassadors. 

Why the integrated campaign? 

Our daring talent managers decided to go with an integrated campaign on Instagram and TikTok for the sake of reaching the target groups on the right platform, at the right time, since Generation Z is more active on TikTok, while Millennials still hold on to Instagram as well. Although, that is not the primary reason- as in general, both age groups are consumers of these platforms.

The main reason why a multi platform campaign is necessary is the complexity of their objectives: educating users about the concept, giving them the feel of the collection is best executed trough TikTok. Meanwhile at the next stage of the campaign Puma aimed to drive users to the web-shop and the launching event's website, which was easy-peasy with Instagram stories and swipe-ups. The educational phase provided the basis for the sales boost at the second stage, so that by that time potential clients were aware of the concept and probably more open to consider purchasing. See? Synergy :)  


The campaigns was divided into three segments: Instagram influencers, TikTokers and Brand Ambassadors. 

Instagram influencers created the 'classic' static contents with the caption 'Level Up!' while TikTokers were asked to present a choreography wearing the sneakers and the playful colors of the campaign in their video contents. The chosen Brand Ambassadors had special duties as well, such as starring in spots and taking part in a photo shoot to become the face of the campaigns in the region. In an international scale one of the main ambassadors of the brand is American singer and actress Selena Gomez, but for a local campaign they turned to content creators that could reach the Central-European clientele directly. 

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The results? Seven TikTok videos generated a million unique views and 190k positive engagement while the created 6 Instagram posts' engagement was more than 460k. For more details about the influencers and contents read our short case study written about the campaign. 

So here's a little to-do list for integrated influencer marketing campaigns: what do we need to know before boldly jumping into anything?

1. Clear and specific objectives

What is our marketing goal? How many users would we like to reach? 

2. Our target group 

Who are they? Define as much as you can about: their social media consumption, habits and attitudes, lifestyles, age and gender groups. This will help you find the keywords to look for when using our influencer search filters and hashtag search to find the perfect fit for your brand.   

3. Choose the right social platforms - Let your customers guide you!

Based on the objectives and knowing your target groups you can now identify the most suitable platform. On our site you can choose from 7 different platforms: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TuneMoji, YouTube. Learn more about these social channels and multi-platform campaigns in our knowledge base!

4. Priorities, priorities: allocate budget accordingly!

You need to keep up with the trends, a content in one social media platform to the other can vary a lot, the same goes for the influencer fees, which rise based on mostly follower base and engagement rate. Our Suggested fee feature is here for the rescue! Calculating estimated results of the influencers chosen is also a great tool we provide to make sure you have all the information needed before committing to a campaign. 

5. Now you have it all planned out - go pick out those content creators and let's get this party started!

When starting a campaign with us, the platform offers you different campaign types: in case you've already chosen in our discover search who you wish to work with, you can send them a direct invite to collaborate, or you can choose to create a brief and make your campaign public so that the content creators in our database can apply if they would like to participate. Both types have their advantages, make sure you review your options before rushing into anything! 

6. Sit back, relax and enjoy reporting!

Our Manager Enterprise plan allows you to create beautifully edited presentations and PDF files of the estimated results as well as the outcome of the project in form of a summary report in just one click. 

Integrated marketing campaigns might seem complicated at first but when you take it one step at a time, your strategy will be a coherent, thought-out communication to your potential customers and it will rock their world. 

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