Instagram supporting Creators: New subscription features!



Luca Olah

Subscription Alpha was first introduced to the public back in January 2022, when the main purpose of the launch was to run the first round of tests & and to see live reactions to the new era of Instagram. 


But how does Subscription work on Instagram? 


Creators on Instagram are able to add Subscription buttons to their profile. Creators set their monthly prices, followers can pay to see exclusive contents from their favorite creators. Until now, it included Subscriber Stories & Lives  (lives and stories that can only be seen by subscribers) and Subscriber Badges so creators can easily identify their supporters. 


Extra features dropped recently


A few days ago Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram,  announced in his regular Instagram “New features”  video that Instagram Subscription will be extended with multiple new features helping creators make their Subscription even more engaging. 


“We want Instagram to be the best place online for creators to make a living. And a really important thing to creators everywhere is sustainable income, because at the end of the day if you’re a creator, you’re a business.” - explained Mosseri why Instagram decided to level up its Subscription feature. 


According to the video, the new features were all based on real-life feedback from creators. Here are the innovations in question: 

  • Subscriber Chats: Creators can now open chat groups up to 30 users for their fans to create a more direct & meaningful connection with them. 
  • Subscriber Posts: Besides Lives and Stories, now creators can make posts visible to their true fans. These photos, videos or reels will be marked with an “Exclusive” title. 
  • Subscribers Home: And last but not least, creators with subscribers will have a dedicated page for their exclusive contents that is only available for their supporters. 


The rivalry grows 


Instagram is continuously trying to renew its features to tie creators more to the platform, as the rise of TikTok caused a massive migration in how much time users spend on the platform.  While back in the day, Instagram was home to mostly static contents, with TikTok’s rapid growth users became less interested in photos and need the constant stimulation of moving images. That was the main reason behind the introduction of Instagram Reels as well. 


We are excited to see how all this will evolve with time & we’ll make sure to keep you updated about it. 



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