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What does it really mean to be an influencer? Or better said content creator. Because it all begins with a great content..

Our Influencer stories column will provide you with a little behind the scenes experience into the lives of some successful content creators from all around the world. Different back stories, specialties and areas of expertise - all put in services of brands and campaigns these creators believe in. Daniel Jensen has become not 'only' one of Denmark's favorite travel influencer over the past couple years, but is being more and more recognized for this work internationally. Dive under the surface of his social profile with us to actually get to know him and let yourself inspired by his story, immersing in the mesmerizing landscapes he captured. 



From a young age, Daniel has been obsessed with basketball but his dreams of becoming a professional player started to fade when the injuries he suffered prevented him from performing at his best. Little did he know he would soon find another passion. 

"It started when my best friend in middle school bought a DSLR, a type of camera I’d never really seen before. In just a week I was so enamoured by this camera that I spent all my savings towards an X-Box on the best DSLR camera I could get instead. Then when basketball stopped I had all of this free time to spend. So I filled the gap basketball had left behind with the camera and just taking photos with friends and driving around Denmark to scenic spots and practicing taking better photos."

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"It shifted towards a more professional consideration in 2015 when I started getting my first jobs and I also went on my first bigger trip to Norway with the intention of taking photos and making a video. That video ended up doing pretty well, to the extent that Visit Norway wanted me to make a version of it for them."

..and the rest is history! Ever since, Daniel has been getting more and more exciting projects and it escalated pretty quickly from there. 


A day in the life

Daniel is based in Copenhagen, where he works from an office with two of his friends- also creatives. He often spends an average workday editing photos or videos from a recent shoot, preparing a post or a story for Instagram, and interacting
with his followers over DM or comments.

"I find it important to engage with the people who are kind enough to spend some of their time on the stuff I put out, so the least I can do is respond and say thank you and reply to any questions they may have."

His least favorite part is preparing Instagram stories, simply because he claims to be too perfectionist and spends a lot of time on the layout and arrangement of photos and texts.

"I can easily spend a couple of hours on just setting up a 10 slide story."

3mas-más-arányok (3)What would you do, if it wasn't for social media content creation? 

Daniel would still like to be in a creative environment of some kind, finishing his interrupted business studies. 

"I’d probably be in the middle of a master’s degree in business and economics. I haven’t really found another creative
passion besides photo and video that I’d be interested in pursuing as a career. In that field though, if I wasn’t a content creator, you might also find me working on a filmset or a media production house as a staff member."

How do you keep the fire alive? 

Daniel looks at his influencer marketing career as a healthy combination of a passion and work. When he's working for a client he is very aware of the business aspect and pushes himself to deliver the absolute best product he possibly can. 

"I think one of the most important things is to always be curious and willing to learn more and take on new skills, be it improving your writing, color-grading or editing."

Whenever feeling down or lacking motivation, he suggests other content creators should go back to the roots and remember why they started doing this in the first place: "just taking photos and creating for the fun of it is very important to me as I don’t want it to become just something I do to put food on the table, but because it’s something I truly enjoy doing."

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