Gen Z and Alpha are changing the marketing industry



Boglarka Feher

For long, long years, marketers have focused on the Millennial age group, but nowadays they need to shift that focus to a much younger and more diverse audience who are growing at a huge rate.


Who are they?

Generation Z is the youngest generation of adult consumers to date. Born in the mid-2000's, just as the Internet was becoming commonplace in the United States, they bear some resemblance to millennials (Generation Y), but are much more technology-savvy.

Since the official year limit for Gen Z births is somewhere between 2007-2010, there are still many members of Generation Z who have yet to enter the workforce and are boosting an already booming generation of new consumers. Beside Zs, Generation Alpha, born from 2010 onwards, make up the audience that is currently grabbing the attention of marketers everywhere. But let's see why!


What’s up with them?

Although the majority of these age groups do not have their own earnings yet, surveys show that 93% of parents say that their Gen Z/Alpha child influences household purchases. So if brands win these generations, they might have won an entire household?!  Frost & Sullivan’s research says that in the US, it is estimated that Gen Z has a direct spending power of US$29 -143 billion and an indirect spending power of US$600 billion.

Generation Z has basically grown up in a world of digitalisation. Android's first smartphone conquered the US before the oldest Z-generations even started high school. In all likelihood, the majority of these consumers received a smartphone as their very first tech "toy". This is the first generation to live in a world where digital solutions impact almost every aspect of life. And for Alphas, the technological possibilities are endless from birth. 

So since technology is at their fingertips, these young consumers are the ones to watch. They know what's trending, what deserves their hype & they ALWAYS let their parents know about it. So what now? 


What marketing strategies do these Gens love?

First of all, forget traditional advertising. More than 40% of Generation Z already say they are easily influenced in their purchasing decisions by the opinions of others, especially celebrities and local influencers they follow online. This is even more significant for the younger generation. 

These young generations no longer resonate with traditional advertising and they don't watch TV. Brands should rethink their entrenched standards, with visuals at the center. The message must be authentic, the content must be fast, catchy, attention-grabbing and SHORT. 

Working with influencers provides all of these, and they even produce the content themselves. It sounds too convenient, right? There is always a twist in it: the trust of these generations is harder to gain than their predecessors', and you have to take on more social responsibility to get them to sympathize with your brand.


& This is where WE come in the picture! We realized the power of influencer marketing in the early stages of the industry. We have the tools, we have the expertise, now we need YOU to trust us! 


Tiktok - The platform you need to watch

Gen Z and Alpha love TikTok, perhaps more than any other channel online. The brands that see the most success on TikTok are the ones that take the time to listen to and engage with their community on the platform. Experts say TikTok will be the future of advertising. Or is it the present already?



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