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The conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors and you want to increase this rate as much as you can, right? Influencer marketing is an excellent way to help you optimise your conversion rate and, in this article, we will illustrate how influencers could increase your conversion rate and boost your business.


How to optimise your conversion rate

For improving your conversion rate, first you need to identify the right conversion goals that match your business goals. Then you start the conversion rate optimization process, which is mainly through creating hypotheses for why visitors are not converting, leading to not hitting your conversion targets.

These hypotheses will help you come up with ideas and strategies to improve your conversion, and by putting these ideas to test through A/B testing you make the conversion rate optimization circle round and are able to improve your conversion rate. 

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to improve your conversion rate if any of your hypotheses resemble the following:

  1. Consumers do not trust the product enough
  2. Product photos and content are not appealing enough
  3. The product use is not clear
  4. Product awareness is low
  5. Consumers are used to the competitor’s products

If one or more of the above-mentioned hypotheses are the ones you are struggling with right now, influencer marketing might be the best solution to optimise your conversion. Read more to learn how.

How influencer marketing can help you optimise your conversion rate

Influencer marketing has proven to be very effective when it comes to increasing awareness, trust and visibility with your consumers, delivering amazing product shots and clear reviews and how to’s. By collaborating with influencers, your brand awareness and desirability will increase, which will invite more consumers to your shop and increase your conversion rate. However, in order to succeed, there are a few ‘how’s’ which are important. 

  1. Be transparent
    Like in any other influencer marketing campaign, be transparent about your collaboration with the influencers; both towards your consumers as well as in your communication with your influencer.
    For the consumer: make sure the influencer shares information about the collaboration.
    For the influencer: make sure he/she is aware of your goals and needs.
  2. Find the right influencers who match your business and goals
    If your goal is to optimise your conversion rate, then it is important you collaborate with influencers who not only have a high amount of followers and good engagement rate, but those who also have high credibility rate with their audience and are able to drive traffic to your shop. Of course, you can discuss this upfront with the selected influencers, however, it is crucial to keep this in mind and analyse all stats weekly, or even daily.
  3. Do not forget to continue with A/B testing with influencers, the used platforms, their content type and the amount of posts

Each influencer has its own strong feature, which might work great in one campaign and less strong in another one. Therefore, never stop testing and analysing which influencer performs best, which platform delivers the highest score for your conversion goals, which content type triggers most conversions and how many posts contribute most to your goals. By analysing and testing you are able to adjust your campaign flow in real time and make sure the influencer collaborations succeed or are ended if needed.

As portrayed above, influencer marketing can be of great help for optimising your conversion rate. Nevertheless, it is important you make sure the landing page you will be using in this influencer marketing campaign is solid, effective and continuously updated and improved. It works both ways you see – on one hand influencers will work their magic and increase traffic to your shop with their content, their voice and their influencers, and on the other hand, your shop should be perfectly balanced to welcome these consumers and smoothly guide them right down the conversion tunnel.

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