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Influencer marketing is swiftly taking over the world becoming one of the most efficient customer acquisition methods. Brands have jumped on the wagon, witnessing the ROI influencers can generate for them. But have agencies been able to respond to client demand? Check how we help local agencies become market leaders by giving them a full business in a box, with technology, expert advice, step-by-step go-to-market guide, and much, much more.

Being the fastest growing customer acquisition method today, influencer marketing has taken over the world as an integral part of marketing mix, bringing tangible results to marketers across the globe. Over the year companies collaborate with approximately 660 million creators globally, which goes to show that influencer marketing is a space in which every individual and every business can find their place under the stars. And most importantly, everyone can (and should) find their match.

From $5 on average to $18 per $1 invested for experts in the field, influencer marketing is a highly effective marketing tool, generating ROI for businesses of all sizes. But as expected, the return on investment will most likely happen to those who do it right. In today’s sea of influencers, millions of businesses running influencer campaigns, and audiences being overexposed to advertising, the importance of careful influencer selection, proper brief, timing and negotiation lies at the forefront of great marketing which results in conversion. 

We’ll outline in this article how our franchise model helps local agencies become leaders in the field, running some of the most effective campaigns, building talent pools and becoming the one-stop-shop for all things influencer marketing in their market.



When the companies/agencies or potential franchisees reach out, it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

  • They’d like to tap into influencer marketing without spending years on prep, development and onboarding
  • They’d like to expand their digital business and open new revenue streams
  • They’re noticing client demand for influencer marketing and want to be on top of the game
  • They’re small agencies running influencer campaigns and need technology and tools to compete with the big players

And that’s where we come in with our business in a box, handing our partners all they need to start a successful influencer marketing business locally, taking into account local specifics, trends and marketing landscape.

What we do?

We facilitate companies with a swift transformation into strong local leaders, equipping their teams with the latest technology, insights and tools to support their influencer marketing journey.

 Our tested and tried business model focuses on multiple revenue streams, providing our partners with a range of ideas on how to build a multi-branch, high-profitable business in no time. Through all this, Post For Rent provides consultation and guidance on all things related to business, offering a full plug-and-play package that makes the transformation easy and time-saving.


How we do it?


A tested business model

We have a proven business model that works and is based on real-life experience. It’s a practical investment for a swift ROI, which is adaptable to specific market and its needs. Our team offers unparalleled access to know-how, data, and innovative ideas which have been tested on real campaigns, providing case studies, best practices and results-oriented ideas.

Multiple revenue streams

Throughout the six years of working within the industry, both globally and regionally, we have developed a well-thought-out business model, offering revenue streams through platform, talent management, MCN and more. In 2018 we have become one of the most dynamically growing MCNs in Europe, working on maximizing our creators’ revenue AdSense, while opening new opportunities for Post For Rent.  

We’ve invested years into developing our own technology, which we offer through our platform. With multiple data points available for influencers across the globe, market statistics and all important analytics necessary for efficient influencer marketing, we’ve become one of the leading platforms globally, recognized by Forrester, Influencer Marketing Hub, and many more.

Expert support

One size does not fit all. Our team of experts works with each market with a customized approach, adapting to the local team and its needs. We offer a 24/7 support and guidance throughout the year, especially during the operation set-up to ensure the franchisee is set up for success. We develop a unique go-to-market strategy, taking into account local media and marketing landscape and guiding the team each step of the way, from launch ideas, brainstorming sessions, PR approach, marketing, sales and much more.


What our partners receive?

Exclusive platform rights

Our partners receive exclusive market rights and a reseller status for one of the leading global influencer marketing platforms. The platform includes access to a global inventory of influencers, data, market statistics and trends, campaign management tools, and much more.

Insight into a high-profit business model

Our team provides the franchisees with a full competency and insights into our proven business model, allowing them to reach success in the select market(s). Our know-how stems from years-long experience, various campaigns, industry research, networking, ideas and trial & error methods. 

Talent powerhouse

We have built an empire around creators, helping them build their businesses and realise their potential, while at the same time opening new streams of revenue for Post For Rent. We provide full guidance into building an unparalleled local talent management house, building a unique place for all things related to talents/creators.

Certified YouTube partnership

A unique revenue opportunity for both our partners and their creators. Post For Rent is the most dynamically growing MCN in Europe, helping creators maximize their AdSense revenue through a meaningful YouTube partnership which offers multiple opportunities for all players involved.

All-they-need package to run the business

From team education and onboarding, business tools and software, HR guidelines, branding manuals, creative templates, email accounts and much, much more - we facilitate our partners’ Post For Rent adventure to the fullest.


About Post For Rent

Post For Rent is a collection of advanced solutions in influencer marketing. Founded in 2016, a bit before influencer marketing became mainstream, Post For Rent set on a mission to provide a simple solution for all players in influencer marketing with its own technology at heart, enabling influencers and advertisers across the globe to engage in data-driven collaborations.

At the end of 2018, the company acquired a multi-channel network and turned into the most dynamically growing MCN in Europe within 12 months, while at the same time developing a strong business on multiple fronts of influencer marketing, becoming the No.1 local player. Post For Rent operates globally, with offices in multiple countries.



The Post For Rent Group operates within three main segments of business which are:



Our digital agency operates from Budapest and is the leading influencer marketing agency in Hungary and the region. Our team of experts runs campaigns for a range of clients while being able to handle all aspects of advertising, from strategy, ideation, content production, campaign management, influencer selection to social media management, and much more. We’re also a powerhouse when it comes to influencer talent management and have launched our talent channel – Creator TV in 2021.


The Post For Rent platform acts as a one-stop shop for all angles and needs of influencer marketing. It’s a Software-as-a-Service that connects agencies and brands to relevant influencers, and provides thorough influencer analysis as well as influencer discovery. The platform is available to advertisers and influencers from across the globe and is an easy-to-use solution for businesses of all sizes.


The Post For Rent franchise program aims to find successful partners in high-potential markets enabling them to set-up and run successful local businesses in no time. As part of franchise partnership, we provide: a proven business model, full competency and a bunch of tools.




Post For Rent has been selected among the Top 10 leading software companies in 2021 by the Influencer Marketing Hub. Moreover, we have been shortlisted by the Influencer Marketing Awards in the category for the Best Influencer Marketing Platform in 2021.

Post For Rent also has a 5-star rating on the Influencer Marketing Hub, and has been included in the Forrester’s New Tech: Influencer Marketing Solutions Q2 2020 report.

                                       IMA21_Finalist_Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Post for Rent doesn’t require any compromises from its users. You have the choice to give up control—with its AI-based campaigns—but you also have the ability to get into serious micro-management territory, with no loss of efficiency. There have been many attempts at creating an influencer marketplace that appeals to—and works well for—companies of any size. Post for Rent is the first we’ve seen that can actually deliver on that promise.” Influencer Marketing Hub

The industry big picture

The influencer marketing industry is projected to grow to $15 billion by next year and is rapidly expanding into all segments of business in almost every industry. It’s the fastest growing customer acquisition method nowadays, showcasing clear return on investment, and bringing value to marketers with its ability to be measured in detail.


According to data provided by Influencer Marketing Hub, over 90% Millennials trust online reviews as much as they trust their family and friends’ recommendations. Moreover, taking into account that almost half of TikTokers purchase from brands directly through the app, it’s clear how social commerce plays a huge role in retail nowadays.

Instead of roaming through catalogues in search for the next big thing for them, be it in the beauty, tech, fitness or food segment, consumers now look to Instagram and other social media platforms for discovery. Therefore, (the majority of) brands have recognized the importance of long-term, credible influencer relationships as well as the importance of catering to Millennials and Gen Z (soon to be the most powerful generation of our time. Read more about it HERE).

The wrap-up

The demand for influencer marketing is huge. But only experts in the field get the most out of it, earning significant amounts on each $1 invested. Therefore more brands and businesses rely on agencies and platforms to dig deep into data, make sure the legal aspects are clear and the campaigns are kept and run in one place. We identify ambitious companies in each market specifically, who are looking to tap into influencer marketing and explore the potential for additional company arms and the profit each of those brings. In case you want to learn more or become a partner in your market, check our Franchise page HERE.


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