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Whatever your brand and product are about, and regardless of your marketing objectives, there’s rarely a company that doesn’t want to be a part of the holiday narrative, and everything the season brings.


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Not only is it a holiday season, but it’s when people celebrate the achievements of the year and are looking forward to the next one. But with such noisy noise in the advertising sphere, it’s hard to cut through. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide on how to leverage influencers and build a narrative around your brand with the help of one of the most influential advertising channels today – social media influencers.

People are becoming experts at ignoring ads around them, and that skill has become the strongest it’s ever been. Wherever we turn, screens (or paper) are screaming at us, trying to “get us to the other side”. Our mind has learned to divert attention away from anything that looks and sounds like an ad (even if it isn’t). Therefore, the importance of finding a proper channel to represent your brand is crucial in this day and age.


Set a timeline

Set a clear timeline for brief creation, influencer search, contracting, campaign execution and finally reporting. Brief is one of the key components of a good influencer collab. It clarifies your brand’s objectives and helps influencers navigate through campaign creation and execution, ensuring successful collaboration and promising results. Influencer search might not be the easiest one, but with the help of tools such as the Discover tool, you can search and filter influencers based on your own criteria. Same goes for contracting, our Campaign management tool contains easily adaptable ready-to-use contracts, making sure both sides are well protected. And then it’s all in the hands of the influencers (and you in case you want to approve content). Making sure you track each influencer’s individual performance is also a great way to ensure you’re making smarter selection next time around.


Why not let influencers find you instead of the other way around?

When you’re looking to start an influencer campaign, but can’t bother looking for influencers, why not let them come to you? The Public campaign within our Marketplace is one of the most sought after features our platform offers. Imagine outlining your objectives, setting a brief, adding influencer criteria and have influencers apply to participate in your campaign. Those will be exclusively people who match your criteria (age, location, interests, follower base, etc.), and after they apply, you can simply reject them or approve and start executing the campaign straight away. Public campaign allows marketers to engage in influencer marketing even if they’re lacking either time or knowledge in influencer marketing landscape. Of course, you get notified during each step of the campaign creation process, i.e. once an influencer applies, once the content is sent for approval, once it’s posted etc. As easy as it gets. So, take a look at our Marketplace, sign up and start your first campaign FOR FREE! :)


The benefits of influencer marketing

First, influencers are able to give personality to your brand. They are able to represent it in a way traditional ads aren’t. They can show how they use it, in which occasions and how to make the best of it. And that’s what drives purchase decisions among their followers. It’s almost like a recommendation you get from a friend, of course, given that you trust the influencer you follow. Therefore, we always advise our clients to check influencer analytics, their engagement rate, as well as the percentage of fake followers. This information enables them to make the most of their money. In addition, it’s worth checking influencer interests as well as the audience’s affinities. Doing their due diligence, marketers make sure that their brand is exposed to the exact eyeballs that might be interested in purchase. All this data (and much more) is provided by our X-Ray tool, which can basically analyze any social media profile on the planet. No more wasting time or money. 


How to stand out?

Now that we’ve outlined the basics of campaign creation, influencer marketing benefits and the importance of analytics, it’s worth exploring how to stand out in the crowd. There are so many campaigns (and influencer campaigns) going on during this period, that you’d want to make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

First, think about the importance of content. The content can make a huge difference when it comes to your campaign. It should either entertain, inform, or offer something exclusive. Influencers are today’s content experts, so you might want to give them direction and ask them to experiment with content that they know works for their audience. Give influencers the creative power, especially if you’ve checked their profile and found them to be content savvy.

Second, try to shy away from the usual campaign concepts in your markets. Offer something different. If your market is populated with giveaways, explore other avenues that might position your product as a wanted holiday item. Create games, collabs between different influencers who cross-promote your product, reels or TikTok challenges (when they’re backed by credible TikTokers or superstars) etc. You can also showcase how your brand is giving back during the holiday season. People love brands who are changing the world and helping it become a better place, so you can never lose by contributing to that goal.

And finally, think about the existing narratives around Christmas, New Year or something that’s a popular topic in your market. Explore how you can integrate your brand or product into that narrative, by making it an integral part of the conversation. Is it celebration, baking, family traditions, dinners with friends, or gifting, identify the topic and think about how you can place your story into an existing one.



Happy New Results

Monitor, track, analyse and learn. All the learnings and results from this season will help you navigate future holiday seasons, influencer campaigns and your marketing efforts in general. As for the influencers whose content and results stand out, you’d probably want to keep an ongoing relationship with them. Long-term collaborations help you build trust with their audience, which contributes to increased brand awareness, and consequently sales. Also, if you're regularly running influencer campaigns, we hope you have already discovered a game changer tool in campaign management, called NEXT. Check it out and you won't be able to imagine working without it again.

We wish you successful marketing campaigns, happy holidays and an even better 2022.









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