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More and more businesses continue to trust in Influencer Marketing and really understand how this form of marketing can benefit them. For small businesses, however, influencer marketing can still feel like a step too far.


If you are the small business owner and you have stumbled upon this article, please read on as we are challenging you to be that nonconformist that marches on the beat of a different drummer. Choose influencer marketing to boost your company. It is the most efficient way of advertising your business.

Increase your reach

The most important marketing KPI is reach for (small) businesses. With reach comes brand awareness and with awareness within the right target audience, you can generate new customers and increase sales. 

Just so it happens, influencer marketing works like a charm for increasing reach. The average CPM (cost per mille) is, in comparison with other marketing activities, very favourable. Especially when you consider how relevant the reach is when working with the right influencers. You are able to target your audience very closely and be certain that the reach you have generated is effective. 

In addition, influencers help you reach an audience completely outside your own circles. Once you have determined your target audience, you can create specific personas and find the right influencers who fit these personas or reach the people who resemble them. This way, these influencers will help you reach every corner of your target audience pool, which on your own would be a multiple year plan.

Build trust with your customers

Peer to peer communication has always been a very effective way to promote a product or service. Customers rather hear the experiences of their peers and are more likely to trust a peer’s opinion rather than trusting the big and expensive commercial brand broadcasts.

By including influencers in your marketing strategy you can easily build trust with your target audience since you communicate with them through someone they already know, follow and love. Influencer marketing is the modern peer to peer communication or word of mouth marketing. The more influencers who promote your company, the more credibility and trust you generate within the target audience. 

Generate impactful content

Small business owners have a lot on their plate and by outsourcing content creation to influencers you kill two birds with one stone.

Influencers are very capable in creating impactful content. It is the core of their business and it is also often the reason why companies dare to start a collaboration with them. Their content is their portfolio and thus of high quality.

With some small guidance, they could create the most fitting content for your company during a collaboration. They will of course use this content on their own channels when promoting your business (bird one), but at the same time (make sure you cover these rights in your contracts) they will share the content with you so you can use it however you find fitting (bird two). 

Alway make sure you mention and credit them for the content just to show your transparency and gratitude for the collaboration. 

Small business goodwill

Small businesses have a magical power when it comes to influencer marketing. If influencer selection has been done right and you have found a perfect match for your company, there is this magical goodwill shown by the influencers who really want to make the collaboration a big success to help you grow and share your message. You can use (not misuse) this to your advantage and really build a sustainable relationship with the influencers who believe in you. Listen to their advice and trust that they know their audience best. Perhaps they can even consult you how to grow your business from a complete new perspective.

Yes, influencer marketing takes time, however, once you take the time to find the right ambassadors for your brand, a strong influencer marketing tool which will unburden you and help you analyse your campaigns and collaborations, and a strong strategy -  it can be the strongest tool for sharing your company’s voice. 

All in all, it might feel like a massive road to take, in comparison to SEO, AdWords or Facebook advertising, but in the end, the results will be more sustainable, stronger and perhaps even less costly. 

Are you ready to use influencer marketing to grow your business? :)



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