How to wow with paid content, and not disappoint your loyal audience



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Your influencer efforts are finally paying off and, aside from having an army of followers, brands are also actively approaching you?

Great news but be aware - not disappointing this loyal audience of yours comes first! As many influencers and brands are now discovering, the greatest way to collaborate is in fact taking the actual time to work together and bring value.


Throughout your contact with brands, you will see that there are plenty of those who suit your lifestyle and niche zero to none. While money might be the main goal for some, making sure you are successful in a long run should always outshine the short-term earning.

Choose wisely. Educate yourself. Explore brands. Embrace the ones you are supporting in your daily life. It’s of the utmost importance that your message is honest and true to yourself. At the end of the day, influencer marketing is primarily successful because audiences view influencers as something like peers. Your authenticity is your greatest tool.

Understanding this should be a two-way road. The most successful campaigns are the ones where brands and influencers take time to build strategies together, keeping in mind they make sense for everyone involved – brands, influencers and followers.

Campaign copies are great if you find that the guidelines suit you, but engaging in random collabs just for the sake of promotion and money often comes off as far less authentic and can cost you big time.

Look for a creative freedom or contact the brands directly and explain why you would approach the subject differently. At the end of the day, they also want to make sure that they're presented in the proper light, without turning people away from their product or service.

Know your audience and know what type of communication sends the most effective message.

Here are some amazing examples where content creators used their creativity and authentic tone of voice to engage their audience through sponsored post:

  • Martina Vuletić (@vule2209) for Huawei

Martina is a professional dancer and fashion & lifestyle influencer from Croatia. Aside from eye catching performances she shares with the audience, her creativity and attention to detail is visible in daily posts, whether they’re branded or not. In this example she used a well-known game of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with the most amazing nature backdrop to show Huawei’s P40 Pro zoom performance.


  • Holly Nichols (@hnicholsillustration) for Apple iPad and its exclusive Procreate App

Holly is an amazing artist who uses multiple techniques in creating her artworks, but from time to time she represents the true power of digital art. For a while now, her travel and fashion pieces have been inspiring people to change their sketchbooks for some cool Apple gadgets.


  • Tessa Barton (@Tezza) for Gucci Beauty

Tezza became globally popular after she started posting photos of her amazing bedroom collages, later turning this creative spark into a business. Producing instagram ready collage kits and handling personal editing app might seem like enough work for some, but this lady still uses her creativity to showcase brands and products in her signature way.


Remember, no matter how nice your photo or video looks, or how well written your caption is – if it doesn't contain your creative spark and an honest opinion, it might seem fake, which is surely one of the worst perceptions your audience can get.





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