How social media is the new CV for creatives



Arooj Aftab

In a world that has become so digitalized, it’s time for creatives to treat social media as a digital portfolio.

Now, if you're creative and you’ve never plugged your Instagram at an event or to new people, then you should start doing so. Whether you’re a photographer, stylist, writer, producer, influencer, etc… We know how boring paper CV’s can be unless you’re planning on sending your documents via pigeon mail or printing your CV onto a cake.

The world is your oyster and social media is now your CV, the content you produce, the clients you work with all go on your Instagram for your future employer or next client to see, they may like the look of your work and possibly be sliding in your DM’s soon.

Creative content is paving the way for a generation of emerging talent. Brands and agencies seem to be scouting constantly, as well as being open for a fresh perspective of a Gen Z and millennial mindset. You are the movement and the new voice with a skill that we all require.

So, as they say, …if you have it, flaunt it. You never know who’s watching or what’s around the corner!

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