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Fashion industry might be one of the areas where influencers' opinion, experience and guidance serves customer's needs the most. Beautifully and effortlessly presented fashion items - not only by fashion influencers.

Influencer marketing's role in the fashion industry

We might be representatives of a brand, but we are all customers as well. We - as customers, are more and more aware of the existence of advertising and its constant presence in our everyday life. We may even be sick of it at times. But it does not mean that we reject it in all forms. From one side, human beings crave beauty. Aesthetics play a very important role in improving our mental health. Why do you think sightseeing gives such pleasure? The web is also exploding with users expressing needs, searching for solutions to problems, answers to our questions. Our brain - for evolutionary reasons - tries to avoid taking unnecessary risks and seeks guidance in decision making processes, and smart influencer marketing campaigns do just that! 

63% of millennials trust influencers more than brand advertising. According to research, because of an influencer, 58% have claimed to have bought a new product, 40% trusted a brand and 33% talked about a brand in the last 6 months. Fashion industry is an amazing area to implement influencer marketing campaigns in, as clothing is such a visual product, and can be authentically presented by an influencer, without making it look forced. And now, without further ado, let's dive into the practical side of it!

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Best of creator contents 

Valeria Lipovetsky - Canadian model, entrepreneur, mom of three baby boys and an inspiring energy bomb: the perfect fashion influencer. Pretty and stylish while funny and relatable at the same time. But above all - and what makes her our choice for this article - she is as real as it gets. She makes followers want to become like her and follow her fashion style without making them feel bad about themselves. The one and only purpose of being an influencer. 

Content ideas that inspire

TikTok has been the rising star for the last couple of years, and even though it started off as the perfect platform to reach young users with lower purchasing power, it has now grown to be more well-known among the Y generation as well. Looking at the audience data of popular TikTokers in average, we can say that around 50% of all followers are between the age of 18-25, and the age group of 26 and above is rising rapidly. The charm of TikTok is in its shortness: no time to mess around! It is easy to consume wherever our potential clients may be and it uses not only visual stimuli but sound marketing can also be exploited as an important part of branding strategies. Music is an essential part of these short videos especially in the context of fashion industry. The rhythm compliments the change of outfits, amplifying the experience and making the showcased products more memorable. 

Adding music and movement to the mini "fashion show" is not the only way creators can get innovative with their TikTok contents. Valeria's inspiration comes from movies as well, and one clever example for that is imitating Cher's closet from the movie Clueless. Click on the screen below to check it out!

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Valeria's YouTube channel is another platform she uses more when sharing beauty and fashion hacks that require a better understanding and a longer video to discuss. Fashion brands often choose the classic haul video concept which is a typical YouTube content type that works best when speaking of clothing items. It can come in a mention video type (when your product is only part of the video) or dedicated YouTube content. In this case the whole video is about your brand/products. You can take a look at Valeria's collaboration with Princess Polly by clicking on the laptop's screen below. 

PREMADE-White-Theme-copy (4)She is also a great example for brands to look at because she has her very own jewellery line which she advertises constantly but smoothly on her Instagram channel. 

To get more info about her content made in collaboration with The RealReal, you know where to click :)

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Case studies from the platform

In the case of Valeria, her audience data clearly shows the dominance of women among her followers, and the interest in Clothing and Accessories category, therefore she'd be a great catch for a women's clothing brand to reach just the right audience. 

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Even though fashion influencers have an audience that is more likely to care about la mode, this industry is not only relevant for the fashion enthusiasts, but can be merged with other topics depending on the utility of the product. 

Sports and fitness influencers

A couple of great examples on our platform is from the brands Saxx and Puma. Their campaigns involved not only fashion influencers but - to speak more specifically to their target groups - fitness content creators and athletes were also part of the campaign. Saxx is a well-known British man's underwear retailer whose product is not necessarily related to sports as much as Puma's products would be. They chose to highlight the comfort and the movement of freedom as main features of their items, therefore they decided to partner with creators that have an audience interested in fitness. The result? Complete success! Conversion rates were skyrocketing by reaching 500k plus users on Instagram. Click on the pic for our case study on Saxx!

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Travel and lifestyle influencers

Another environment where clothing items appear would be Travel. Ted Baker, an urban clothing brand from the UK opted for travel and lifestyle creators to present their clothes in an authentic and effortless way, mainly during their travels in big cities, creating that vibe that the brand personality aims to create. 

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Other exciting content types to try out 

Valeria uses IG TV quite often to give her enough time to explore the topic, but there are other great forms that enhance engagement as well. Sweepstakes and votings are such easy ways to do that: "Which Zara dress should I wear for this event tonight?" And 'boom', there you have it. Not too 'salesy', not too pushy, exciting and fun for the followers. 

The main takeaways here:

Going through the customer journey and identifying how, when and where can our potential customer be exposed to our product is a great way to opening new doors and acquiring new clients.

Creativity does not have a limit when creating influencer marketing campaigns for a fashion brand, so make sure you don't stop until you stand out

Other than the typical haul videos and product placement, cross influencer collaborations, sweepstakes and discount coupons also work brilliantly in this industry. Make sure you tackle the call to action options!

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