CBD products and influencer marketing? Easier than you'd think.



Mariann Takács

We were ecstatic to see a rising number of CBD brands using our influencer marketing services these days. We're talking about an industry that sold almost ten times more in 2019 than it did 5 years ago just in the US market. It didn't take long before we became eager to find out everything there is to know about the topic: what does it take to create the most successful influencer marketing campaign in this intriguing industry?

Rising star CBD brands are not even close to stopping: according to the Hemps Business Journal prediction by 2022 the sales numbers in the US will double themselves. The rising interest is undeniable but to keep up with the pace of this growth and competition, an impeccable marketing strategy is a must.

Campaign goals are crystal clear: education, education and more education! 

Working with preconceptions about the product and its effects is always a tough one. Given that, the main objective of our campaign could be the educational aspect, which influencers are amazing at! Look around and see which platform serves your needs best: Instagram and Youtube are great to boost conversion, leading potential customers to your landing page, while TikTok videos and quick are super effective tools to inform the audience and make them forget their preconceived ideas. 


Data saves the day - again! 

We can't stress enough: data is our key player in influencer marketing campaigns. When the product itself is not an ordinary one that changes the whole story, complicating our strategy to finding the perfect content creators with an audience that could be open to CBD oils. 

Geographical data and the option to filter by state and city is crucial in this industry, as you can only distribute and advertise the product in specific states and countries. These restrictions usually give a hard time to marketers, which is why they need a search engine to find influencers in not only the right country, but even city or state. 

Hashtags are another key element you can use to identify the one: but what buzzwords should you use to search when the topic is sensitive and content creators don't necessarily like to add #cbd? That depends on the purpose of usage and your target group. You may try #pet or #petcare when your niche target group is pet owners, but #cbdsinkcare or #cbdbeauty if you'd like to reach women and offer them the product's beauty benefits. The hashtags #skincare, #skincaretips or #skincareproducts are also very effective to find influencers that are interested in the topic but haven't tried CBD in particular, especially if you twist your search with #natural. 

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