Best Practices: Social Media during Isolation



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Due to the Corona outbreak across the world, many countries are on lockdown and people are socially distancing and self-isolating to help prevent the spread of the virus (as you should;)).

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! We are blessed by the internet and social media during these times, and there are numerous ways to still stay connected. We have noticed some interesting examples of how influencers thought out of the box to connect with their audiences and spread positivity.


@ChiaraFerragni and @Fedez

Italian most popular influencer and her rapper husband join numerous Italians on their balconies daily to support their country, sing together and find solace in knowing no one is alone. Fedez is doing live musical sessions with his fellow Italian musicians, streamed across social media while also connected to speakers so all the neighbors can enjoy and dance on their balconies. Let’s just say Andrea Bocelli is one of those who joined him. (Oh, and by the way, they raised 4 million euros already to help Italian hospitals).




@zallibhai: Home workout with the kids


Zehra is known for her fitness videos and engaging motherly content on social media. During her time in isolation with her children, Zehra has come up with some fun indoor activities to stay active and optimistic... All you need is a ball!


@KarenWazen: Experiments at home


Who doesn’t love a good science experiment!

Whether you would like to do this with yourself, siblings or kids, the washing hand experiment is something to learn from to ensure you wash your hands properly.

Influencer Karen Wazen has shared many of her fun activities through Instagram. Her daily posts with her family in isolation are educational with a bit of dancing, food, and laughter.


@Tamara: An Online Party


What do you do when you’re being told to isolate but want to celebrate your birthday? Throw an online party where EVERYONE is invited!

Tamara took to social media to celebrate her birthday with some good chats, cake, and drinks.

Being alone in times like this can be upsetting but it’s good to know we are all in this together.

If you're wanting to have some videos might be your best go-to for now!


NishCooks on TikTok: Homemade comfort food


Comfort food is always a winner, especially getting through stressful times.

Joshuah Nishi has the perfect quick recipes to get you started on ensuring your time is well spent.

From homemade burgers and delicious snacks, here’s how you can spend some of your free time… Indulge in all your cravings with some super quick and easy methods.


katymills44 on TikTok: Old school games


It’s back to old school games for now. Why not knots and crosses with your family...or pet?

Let these games take you back to the memory lane, and if you have no one to play with, remember a video call is only a call away. Get your friends involved!


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