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Post For Rent is a collective of the most advanced solutions in Influencer Marketing. We offer technology, marketing experts having managed over 10.000 campaigns from small companies to Fortune 500 brands. At the end of 2018, we acquired a Multi-Channel Network and turned into the most dynamically growing MCN in Europe within 12 months. We truly understand the complexity of Influencer Marketing. We are data-driven geeks passionate about Influencer Marketing. Join us on our journey because one thing is for sure, we won't stop until we own it all.


Influencer Discovery, Fraud Detection, Relationship and Campaign Management Software, Automated Payments powered, White Label Reporting, Enterprise API Integration.

Managed Services

Our team of experts will manage your campaigns from the conceptual stage until the reports get back to you with the results you visualized.

Talent Management

We bring together a curated collection of some of the world's most unique and powerful social media influencers and help them grow by telling their stories.


The fastest-growing MCN in Europe, helping creators to grow by assisting partners with product, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization, audience development and more!

Global company

Post For Rent is a 21st-century company with global ambitions. We’ve started in 2016 to become the biggest in the Influencer Marketing industry. We are now present in 9 markets and growing, we never stop dreaming bigger!

Hong Kong
Los Angeles



Our dynamic, practical and most importantly self-aware team members. We are constantly working on providing value for the whole influencer marketing industry.

9 cities

Gergo Csiszar

#Founder #CEO

Norbert Kardos

#Founder #CTO

Zsolt Varga-Szilagyi

#Chief Operation Officer

Peter Voit

#Head of Expansion

Renata Milicevic

#Chief Marketing Officer

Taylor Jones

#Chief Commercial Officer

Ed Brew

#Head of Strategy Partnership

Kyran Jones

#Head of Talent Partnerships

Lee Webster

#Country Manager

Siyabonga Ngcobo

#Country Manager

Arooj Aftab

#Country Manager

Agnes Komor

#Head of Creative

Zoltan Fonyodi

#Full Stack Developer

Gyozo Galcsik

#Product Manager

Laszlo Kosa-Szilagyi

#Chief Financial Officer

Dave Bojtor

#Head of Digital Strategy

Kitti Kocsis

#Key Account Manager

Akos Devald

#Talent Manager

Noemi Juhasz

#Lead MCN Professional

Ferenc Batri

#Creative Designer

Eszter Takacs

#YouTube Expert

Luca Olah

#Social Media & Campaign Manager

Fruzsina Mustos

#Office Manager

Mariann Takacs

#Expansion Manager

Bernadett Nagy

#Talent Manager

Ana Roosz

#Video Artist


We make working with Influencers available at scale for any company in the world with no geographical limitations.


To provide access without limitation to the world’s leading social media channels in one click.

What We Stand For

We stand for transparency and effectiveness both as a company and a community while encouraging everyone to dream bigger!


We signed up for guarding the online voices of today and filtering out the content that is harmful to our society in any way. We believe in the 21st century and all the opportunities that the era of internet and AI has. We’re offering a tool without limitations to preserve this opportunity and fight against content that doesn’t belong to the internet.

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