Post for Rent

The automated solution for influencer marketing

Post for Rent is a new breed of influencer marketing service designed to make life as easy as possible for brands when working with influencers. The platform is focused on efficiency without sacrificing any of the depth of insights and data that we all value so highly.

We offer fast, direct access to the main opinion leaders of today - social media influencers. At a time when anyone can become an influencer, often amassing huge followings in the blink of an eye, it is important to be able to be a part of the conversations they are having. We help put brands right on the tongues or in the eyesight of their target audience, in a manner which no ad blocker can prevent.

Our platform provides the ideal international online venue for brands and influencers to meet. Post For Rent empowers brands to find the most fitting ambassadors or audiences for their campaigns, regardless of their influencer marketing expertise. Our tool does not discriminate - advertisers can either put in their goals for the campaign and let Post For Rent create a campaign for them, or they can delve into the data and make their own informed decisions about who to work with to best accomplish their goals. Workloads that would usually require extensive teams to manage can now be handled seamlessly by our technology, saving brands and agencies countless hours and workforce costs.

Our digital ecosystem is home to over 90,000 influencers from around the world, and growing every day, so we’re confident we can find the best matches for a campaign. The social DNA of an influencer is one of the most powerful tools a brand can utilise. These tastemakers have a huge impact on consumer decisions, and our platform helps brands see in an instant who these influencers actually are. With audience credibility scores, audience affinity data, along with deep demographic insights and much more, advertisers can be sure they know exactly who they are going to be working with, and who they will be reaching with the content created.

We don’t just take extra special care of our brand clients though, we also treat every influencer as a VIP. We’ve seen plenty of horror stories of influencers not getting paid for their work or having to wait months to be paid for the work they’ve done. Our solution is to offer them payments within 3 days for their campaigns, which is an industry first. We’re very proud to be able to offer this to our influencers - it’s our way of showing how highly we value the amazing work they do.

From one-click report generation to our unique reach calculator, all the tools offered by Post For Rent are guaranteed to make life easier. No messages in spam folders, no waiting around for demographics screenshots, simply the smooth process of a campaign run by our powerful and sophisticated software. Get started today!


Why just dream when you can dream bigger? Of course, it’s not only about dreaming - our future-proof, automated, data-driven system has already made the lives of over 2,600 advertisers easier, whilst also making their campaigns more effective. We’re also proud to be making the dreams of influencers not just bigger, but a reality too. So how did it all start? How did a small innovation become a global software? Here are our milestones showcasing our journey so far:


Post for Rent founded


First campaign kicked off in Hungary with UBER, who became our strategic partner at the same time.


The manually launched influencer recruitment has changed to an automatic one after the first asset input.


The structure of the currently used website has been finalized.


Launch of the Influencer App:
  • 200 registrations in the first month
  • 300 registrations in 3 months


First international campaign kicked off with Nike


10 million connected reach achieved at the first time!


Two PR agencies connected their whole influencer database to our system in order to simplify their daily routine


10.000 influencer registrations achieved


Launch of the Advertiser App


Launch of the My Stats system which allows brands to create a full market research based on channels, follower base, demographical data (age, gender,location) and categories.


Opening our office in London.


first investment round


second investment round


500,000,000 Reach


Version 3.0 Launch with new business modell
2017 November
2017 December
2018 September
2019 January
2019 February


Influencer-specific video

Brand-specific video

Standard subscription for Brands

Pro subscription for Brands

Enterprise subscription for Brands